To me, one of the most perplexing aspects of this election is why people, other than far-left and true-believer Dems, are planning to vote for Joe Biden. What is their motivation? Despite all his faults, gaffes and lackluster campaigning, he is still leading in all the polls both nationally and in most of the battleground states. So, the question I keep asking myself is, why?

Normally, one votes for the candidate whose political, economic and social view of the world is in accord with theirs or who is a member of the same political party. They vote for the candidate who has or is expected to improve their lives. Some people vote for a candidate simply because they like him, and for others the key factor is the candidate’s gender, religion or color. Those attributes should not matter, but there is no denying that for some, they do. Finally, some don’t vote for a candidate; they vote against the other candidate.

Ironically, many of those who are voting for Biden are doing so against their own self-interest, in many cases, without even being aware of it. That is sad and unfortunate. Below please find some of the reasons as I see it:

  1. They despise President Trump so much they are blind to everything else. They have bought into the false narrative that anything Mr. Trump says or does is wrong – period. They would rather hurt themselves and/or the country than see him win re-election. They would rather vote for a candidate with a Socialist agenda who would raise their taxes, eliminate their jobs, and take away their first and second amendments than for a man they hate. (Hence the term, “Trump derangement syndrome”.) More on this later. According to most polls almost half of the electorate falls into this category. I have discussed this TDS at great length in previous blogs, and there is no need to repeat it here.
  2. They get their news from “fake news” sources, such as twitter, Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times or the Washington Post. Unfortunately, many Biden supporters fall into this category. I have discussed the election with some of them. They’re not bad people, just misinformed. For example, they believe that Mr. Trump is a Russian spy, that he colluded with Russia to “steal” the 2016 election, that he committed impeachable acts, and that he is a racist, a white supremacist, and a misogynist despite the lack of a shred of credible evidence. In fact, I maintain that there is plenty of evidence in Biden’s past that indicates he is the racist, based on certain comments and his past associations with known racists and segregationists.
  3. They are unaware of or have an incorrect view of the collusion, influence peddling, kickbacks, quid pro quo and other crimes committed by Biden’s son, Hunter, and Joe’s role in them. They are unaware of or don’t believe that Facebook, twitter and google have been conspiring to bury that story to protect the Biden family. Despite the best efforts of the Dems and their allies in the media to dismiss this story as “Russian disinformation,” it is gaining traction. Multiple investigations have been launched; the FBI and DOJ have both rejected the Russian disinformation claim; and President Trump is likely to raise the issue in tomorrow night’s debate. Biden better have a good explanation, or it could damage his campaign.
  4. They are unaware of or don’t care that he plans to “pack” the Supreme Court, end the Senate filibuster, and push for statehood for DC and Puerto Rico. Those actions would assure the Dems of permanent control of the SC and Congress and make it very unlikely that a GOP candidate could ever win the presidency.
  5. Most puzzling of all, they are willing or maybe are not aware that they would be voting against their and their family’s own wellbeing. Biden has made it clear he plans to eliminate the “Trump tax cuts.” He claims it will only affect those with incomes in excess of $400,000, but that statement is most definitely false. He is omitting the fact that this action would also eliminate various tax deductions and credits that benefit the middle class and small business owners, raise medical insurance costs for everyone, and eliminate millions of jobs. Goodbye recovery. Hello Venezuela. Either he is too stupid to realize that or he thinks the voters are.
  6. Many voters in PA, MI, OH and other states are unaware that he plans to eliminate fracking. He has waffled on this issue depending on the audience, but the Dem platform and website is quite clear on this issue. It is part of the Green New Deal, which Biden has endorsed whether he knows it or not. Why would anyone whose livelihood is dependent on fracking, or the fossil fuel industries even think about voting for him? I don’t know, but based on the polls there must be many who are.


There is strong evidence that Biden is and will be controlled by the radical left wing of the Dem Party. Most of his advisors and staff are Sanders-AOC supporters. He has received millions in donations from them.

As I said, I have discussed all of the above in previous blogs if you care to delve into the details. Anyone planning to vote for Biden should know he has adopted the radical left’s platform because he knows he cannot win without their support. He is trying to hide this from the voters by staying in his basement and answering as few questions as possible. The media is covering for him. You should notice that the few times in which he appears in public they ask him softball questions or none at all.

Moderate Dems who are supporting Biden are voting for a memory. The moderate Joe from the 1980s and 1990s is gone. He has been replaced by an empty shell who is out of touch and cognitively challenged. If he were to be elected it is very unlikely that he would be able to complete his term. Say hello to President Harris, the most liberal Senator, who would present a whole different set of issues and problems.

Beware; be informed. Your livelihood and the country’s wellbeing depends on it.


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