Who is the most corrupt family in America? Until a few days ago, a majority of you would probably have answered unhesitatingly, “the Clintons.” Good guess, but in the last few days we have learned that the answer is “the Bidens.” Before dismissing this as a partisan opinion, please withhold final judgment until you have read the rest of this blog.

For some time there have been whispers about Joe’s son, Hunter’s illicit business dealings with shadowy oligarchs from Ukraine, Russia and China, which have netted him billions of dollars in exchange for contributing little or no expertise and experience. Furthermore, most of us have heard Joe’s account in which he bragged he threatened to withhold billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine unless it fired the investigator who was investigating Hunter’s ties to Burisma. It was only after they fired the investigator that he released the aid money.

The Biden family has consistently denied any wrongdoing, and the compliant media has declined to press them on it. During the presidential debate and the recent town hall Q & A Biden was not asked one question about Hunter’s dealings by either the moderator or any of the questioners. Hunter, himself, is a shadowy figure, a ne’er -do-well without any significant accomplishments in his life except being VP Joe Biden’s son. Moreover, he has been involved in hard drugs and pornography.. He has been living his life on Joe’s coattails. As the old expression goes, “he was born on third base and thought he hit a triple.”

But, a few days ago the NY Post published a story that blew the lid off the veil of secrecy surrounding Hunter, Joe and the rest of the Bidens. Probably, if you don’t read the Post or watch Fox News you are not aware of this story as it has received scant attention in the general media. That, in and of itself, is a major story. Anyway, you can read the entire story on the Post’s website, but briefly, the essence of it is as follows:

  1. The intrepid Post reporter who broke the story was Miranda Devine. Kudos to her for having the fortitude to do so.
  2. The Post had obtained copies of Hunter Biden’s emails that described his business dealings with Burisma and mysterious oligarchs in Ukraine, Russia and China.
  3. The laptop containing the emails had been dropped off at a computer repair ship in Delaware several months ago, and it had never been picked up. In the course of repairing the device the shop’s owner became aware of the sizeable amount of emails and the nature of the emails it contained, particularly dealings with foreign powers and a multitude of explicit pornographic pictures.
  4. At first, he sent a copy of the emails to the FBI. After several months of non-follow-up from the FBI and no reporting from the media he took action on his own. He sent copies of them to Rudy Giuliani and Giuliani’s attorney.
  5. Giuliani and his attorney spent weeks authenticating the emails as did the Post.
  6. Meanwhile, the shop owner was able to verify that the laptop did, in fact, belong to Hunter when Hunter’s attorney called him up “demanding his client’s laptop back.”
  7. According to Giuliani there is no doubt that the emails are Hunter’s as they contain information of which only Hunter would be aware.
  8. The emails describe Hunter’s business dealings with the Ukrainian and Chinese oligarchs in great detail. For example, Hunter acted as an intermediary between a Chinese group called CEC and his father and other White House officials. He was able to get the Chinese into the WH surreptitiously through a private entrance to meet with Joe and the others. There is no official record of the meeting, but Giuliani’s reliable source is the actual doorkeeper who let them in.
  9. Subsequently, the Bidens went into business with CEC and made millions of dollars. Hunter got his no-show job, and Joe was an “active participant.”
  10. According to the Post, Fox and other sources the proceeds of this venture were to be split among the five participants, including Hunter, and Hunter wrote how he was “saving 10% for the ‘Big Guy.’ ” Who is “the Big Guy?” The evidence strongly suggests and Fox has confirmed it is Joe Biden.
  11. Another source of this story is author Peter Schweitzer who claims to have gotten access to some 26,000 of Hunter’s partner’s emails. According to Schweitzer they implicate Hunter as a “fixer” who enabled CEC to secure access to Joe and other influential WH officials. It should be noted that two of Hunter’s partners have been convicted of various crimes and imprisoned, yet Hunter was not even charged. I don’t think this indicates Hunter’s innocence so much as his connections and influence.
  12. Biden, his lawyer, and members of his campaign have denied any wrongdoing, and Joe has dismissed it as a “smear campaign.” But, I and others maintain the evidence conclusively proves otherwise.
  13. This should be a huge story, and you can be sure that if it involved Mr. Trump it would be. Yet it has barely been covered by most of the media.


This entire sordid affair is nothing less than a gross betrayal of the American people. It begs the question, what does China “have” on Joe? Is there a quid pro quo of which we are not yet aware? If we had a legitimate independent media it would have been recognized as arguably the most despicable and scandalous betrayal of America and the American people in history. Investigations would have commenced. Bureaucrats would have been forced to resign. Elected officials would have been impeached. The perpetrators would be facing prison.

How can Biden possibly be trusted to conduct a foreign policy, as President, that is in the bests interests of America? These revelations explain why he has been so soft in his criticism of China. In light of these revelations, is he even fit to serve as president? It would take a team of lawyers to identify the plethora of laws that the Bidens have broken. This situation is significantly worse than the fake Russian scandal involving Trump, which fostered a Special Counsel investigation and months of wall-to-wall media coverage.

And yet, as bad as this is, it is not the worst aspect of the matter. The worst part is that Facebook and Twitter unilaterally and arbitrarily cancelled the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the Post and others who retweeted the story. What about freedom of speech?

Every American should be horrified by this blatant censorship, yet, outside of President Trump, a few Republican Congressmen and Fox, I have heard barely a peep. I feel like last night I went to sleep in America and woke up this morning in Soviet Russia circa 1930.

This brazen censorship has highlighted the power that social media outlets, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter possess. According to reporter Josh Hammer these entities control some 90% of the US “search market.” That is tantamount to an oligarchical control over the nation’s public opinion outlets.

Congress may finally be waking up to this situation and recognizing it as the existential threat to our democracy it appears to be. The tech companies think they are above the law, but this time they may have gone too far. At the present time, these companies enjoy an exemption from antitrust laws under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. However, concerned Congressional leaders have subpoenaed the CEOs of these entities to appear for questioning. The body is threatening to repeal Section 230. We’ll see what happens but we should all be aware of this current threat to our freedom of speech.

As far as Biden is concerned, in light of this scandal how can we possibly trust him as president? How can we rely on him to act in the best interests of America instead of his own and those who “own” him? If any of you are still planning to vote for Biden I think you need to reevaluate your choice.


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