Several of you have requested another quiz.  Some might say those people are gluttons for punishment.  In any case, here it is.  Be careful what you wish for.

  1.  Each of the following was one of the Founding Fathers, except:  (a) Alexander Hamilton, (b) James Madison, (c) Benjamin Franklyn, (d) Andrew Jackson.
  2. The first capital of the US (after the constitution was ratified) was (a) Washington, DC, (b) Philadelphia, (c) New York, (d) Baltimore.
  3. The Star Spangled Banner was composed during which war? (a) War of 1812, (b) Revolutionary War, (c) Civil War, (d) WW1.
  4. The first US President born in the US was (a) Andrew Jackson, (b) James Monroe, (c) Franklyn Pierce, (d) Martin Van Buren.
  5. How many vice presidents served under FDR? (a) 1, (b) 2, (c) 3, (d) 4.
  6. The last of the “Lower 48” to join the Union was (a) New Mexico, (b) Arizona, (c) Hawaii, (d) Wyoming.
  7. The only president to serve two terms NON-CONSECUTIVELY was (a) John Adams, (b) Rutherford B. Hayes, (c) Grover Cleveland, (d) Teddy Roosevelt.
  8. Which famous frontiersman was killed at the Alamo? (a) Daniel Boone, (b) Davy Crockett, (c) James Fremont, (d) Samuel Houston.
  9. Who was known as “Buffalo Bill?” (a) Bill Travers, (b) “Wild” Bill Hickok, (c) William Cody, (d) “Doc” Holliday.
  10. The Appalachian Mountains pass through each of the following states, EXCEPT (a) New Jersey, (b) New York, (c) Alabama,  (d) Mississippi.
  11. The territory of which of the following current states was NOT acquired as part of the Louisiana Purchase? (a) Arkansas, (b) Wyoming, (c) Montana, (d) Illinois.
  12. Each of the following men was known as a “Robber Baron,” EXCEPT (a) Andrew Carnegie, (b) Henry Ford, (c) James Duke, (d) J. P. Morgan.
  13. “Seward’s Folly” is associated with the acquisition of (a) Alaska, (b) Hawaii, (c) California, (d) Texas.
  14. The capital of Ohio is (a) Columbus, (b) Cleveland, (c) Cincinnati, (d) Akron.
  15. The Yankees have won the most World Series, 27.  Which team is next?  (a) Brooklyn/LA, (b) St. Louis, (c) NY/San Francisco, (d) Boston.
  16. The first state to ratify the constitution was (a) Virginia, (b) NY, (c) NJ, (d) Delaware.
  17. All of the following were Revolutionary War heroes, EXCEPT (a) Frances Marion, (b) John Pershing, (c) Ethan Allan, (d) Alexander Hamilton
  18. Which President was known as “Tippecanoe?” (a) Zachary Taylor, (b) Franklyn Pierce, (c) US Grant, (d) William Henry Harrison.
  19. Each of the following presidents was assassinated, EXCEPT (a) James A. Garfield, (b) JFK, (c) Benjamin Harrison, (d) William McKinley.
  20. Each of the following was elected vice president before being elected president, EXCEPT (a) Chester A. Arthur, (b) Millard Fillmore, (c) James K. Polk, (d) Teddy  Roosevelt.
  21. According to the US Geological Survey the longest river in the US from source to mouth is the (a) Mississippi, (b) Missouri, (c) Allegheny, (d) Hudson.
  22. Which came first? (a) WWI, (b) WWII, (c) women’s vote, (d) personal income tax
  23. Which office has been held by more presidents prior to their becoming president? (a) vice president, (b) state governor, (c) US Senator, (d) House of Representatives.
  24. Each of the following is sculpted on Mt. Rushmore, EXCEPT (a) FDR, (b) George Washington, (c) Teddy Roosevelt, (d) Thomas Jefferson
  25. Which of the following is NOT one of the Great Lakes? (a) Huron, (b) Michigan, (c) Superior, (d) George.

ANSWERS: 1. (d), 2. (c), 3. (a), 4. (d), 5. (c) (John Nance Garner, Henry Wallace & Harry S Truman), 6. (b) 2/14/1912), 7. (c) (1885-89 & 1893-97, 8. (b), 9. (c), 10. (d), 11. (d), 12. (b), 13. (a), 14. (a), 15. (b), 16. (d), 17. (b), 18. (a), 19. (c), 20. (c), 21. (b) (2,341 miles), 22. (d) (2/3/1913), 23. (d), 24. (a), 25. (d).

Well, there you have it.  How did you do?