Quick now.  What is the capital of Israel?  Officially, the capital of Israel is Jerusalem, and it has been since the 1949 Armistice Agreements following the 1948 Israeli War of Independence.  Most people agree with that historical fact and would support it remaining so.  But, according to the original Democratic Party 2012 platform, President Obama and the Democratic Party are not so sure.  After 60+ years, that plank was removed from the Dems’ platform.  By whom and under whose authority?  Nobody knows or will admit it.  Confused?  You’re not the only one, but that’s the kind of failed and fractured leadership we have seen for the last four years.

Now, faced with the prospect of alienating the strong pro-Israeli vote, both Jewish and non-Jewish, in Florida and perhaps other battleground states the Dems have suddenly flip flopped their position at their convention.  Following a voice vote the Dems now tell us that Jerusalem “is and will remain the capital of Israel.”  This revisionism makes one wonder if George Orwell is running the show.  Also, it should be noted that this amendment was passed by a questionable vote that had to be called three times by the convention chairman before a questionable majority of “ayes” could be heard.  At the time, it appeared that less than half of the delegates were present, and the amendment’s passage was greeted by a chorus of boos.

Can we expect another flip flop on this position after the election if Obama wins?  Lets hope we don’t find out.


4 thoughts on “JERUSALEM FLIP FLOP

  1. Yes there will be more Flip Flop and I wish these would be on par with the dangerous ” flip flops” worn by so many people!!! I am now of an age where I am fearful of Obama Care ~ and I mean the care he will show our country as it implodes. Please everyone, consider the ramifications of 4 more years…we need to truly show up at the polls and vote wisely. Let’s support and show this blog and other wisely written perspectives to our friends, family, and other acquaintances!!!

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