Watching the Democratic convention reminds me of the show “Chicago” and the song “Give Em the Ole Razzle Dazzle.”  Obama and the Dems know they cannot run on the most important issues, which are the economy, high unemployment and the deficit.  Therefore, they are trying to obscure those issues and distract the voters with glitz and by focusing on relatively minor issues, such as abortion.  According to polls, abortion is not even ranked in the top ten issues by voters, yet the Dems are trying to bootstrap it into a litmus test of “women’s rights.”  Ridiculous!  Women are not having trouble obtaining and affording birth control pills through their health care plans.  They should be more concerned about the economy, high unemployment and the deficit.  Hopefully, the voters will be too smart to fall for this superficial tactic.  

Yes, Michele Obama is very popular and gave a moving speech, but it did not alter the fact of President Obama’s failed economic policies over the last four years.  Yes, he inherited a bad situation.  But, he has exacerbated it.  Four more years of Big Government and stifling of free enterprise with the socialist-style government system he espouses will likely turn the US into Greece and put it on the road to bankruptcy.

We need a change! 


2 thoughts on “THE OLE RAZZLE DAZZLE

  1. I felt as if Michele was trying for her dramatic debut on Broadway! Each dramatic episode in their lives was done with such dramatic flair~ actually she would no doubt not have been chosen by great directors!!! I for one am sick of such over- the- top approaches, when so many people can not pay for their groceries , gas, and medical care!

    • I appreciate your comments. No one else has posted a comment although many have read postings and commented to me by email or in and in person. Don’t know whether they can’t access site or what.

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