President Obama would have us believe his economic policies have America on the right track, and everything will be all right if we would only give him a second term.  Does he seriously expect voters to believe that?  Yes, he inherited a bad economy, but his policies have clearly exacerbated the situation.  Consider the facts:

1.  Unemployment remains stubbornly in excess of 8%, and that does not include all the persons who are underemployed and who have given up and left the workforce.  Include them, and the rate jumps to more like 15%.

2.  As reported today, job force participation has sunken to the lowest percentage in 60 years.

3.  The price of gas at the pump is extremely burdensome, over $5.00/gallon in some locations.

4.  The national debt is over $16 trillion and rising by the second.

By any objective measurement, our economy is in dire straits.  Our government has mortgaged our futures and those of our children and grandchildren.  In the process, the USA is in danger of losing its economic leadership position in the world.

Four more years?  We cannot afford four more months! In four more years president Obama’s socialist-leaning wealth redistribution policies will have likely turned us into Greece,  Four years ago President Obama took office amid great fanfare and great expectations.  It has not worked out.  It is time to cut our losses.  It is time for a change!




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