Welcome to the Liberal World Order. Chances are most of you had not heard of this term until this week, much less understood what it means and how it affects us. In my view, it is a fancy term for requiring Americans to sacrifice for the benefit of the rest of the world since we don’t deserve what we have. Or, if you prefer, “America Last.”

Wikipedia defines LWO as “the body of rules, norms and institutions that govern relations between the key players on the international stage.” Got it? I’m not sure what all this gobbledygook means, and I bet few, if any, of the bloviators in the Dem Party or the media do either. To me, it sounds like an expression more relevant to the Stalin-era Soviet Union or present-day Communist China rather than the US.

President Joe Biden and his supporters in the Administration and the media have been continually urging us to support their economic policies in support of the LWO. For example, appearing on CNN, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese stated that “the future of the new world order [is at stake],” and “we have to stand firm.” On the contrary, GOP Senator Roger Marshall argued that “the Biden Administration has forgotten they work for the American people and not the ‘liberal world order.’ “

In my view, the term LWO is being used by the far left to justify why (a) we are being forced to pay (according to AAA) a average of $4.84 per gallon for gas at the pump (up a whopping $1.72 from last July), (b) must allow masses of illegals to cross our non-functioning southern border at will, (c) close our eyes to the probability that some of those seeking “political asylum” are, in reality, terrorists, drug smugglers and/or human traffickers, (d) endure the random, brazen and wanton violence being perpetrated by career criminals who rule our city streets, who are rarely prosecuted by “woke” DAs and who are immediately released from our revolving-door jails to commit more crimes while many of us live in fear, and (e) why many of us cannot afford to buy food, find formula for our babies, or provide for our families. It is why we are told we must sacrifice for the common good. Anyone who dares to complain is branded as a racist. How long can we expect these sacrifices to continue? According to President Biden, “as long as it takes,” whatever that means.

Sounds bleak, right? What can we do? How do we fight back? Well, fortunately this is the USA, not the old Soviet Union, Communist China, or even Venezuela, and there is a simple and obvious solution. In America we have elections, and the next cycle is in just a few months. Unlike those other places, in America we can vote the bas***ds out, so to speak. More on that below.

Thirty-four of the Senate seats and all of the House seats are up for re-election this year. In addition, there are two special elections for the Senate. In the Senate the Dems have three advantages: (1) only 14 of those thirty-four seats are currently held by Dems; (2) none those are in states that Trump won in 2020; and (3) five incumbent GOPers are retiring compared to only one Dem. The quality of the replacement candidates will have a significant affect on whether or not the incumbent Party “holds” the particular seat.

It is a historical fact that, with very few exceptions, the Party in power loses Congressional membership in the off-year elections. The question is how many. In the Senate the most seats lost was 13 in 1932. That year the country was in the throes of the Great Depression, and President Herbert Hoover was extremely unpopular for obvious reasons.

In the House the historical average loss is 23 seats. The most was 63 in 2010 under Obama. Historically, House elections have been more likely to be affected by the current political climate, so that will bear watching. Also, normally, local issues play a bigger role. Remember former Speaker Thomas (“Tip”) O’Neal famously said “all politics is local.”

Back to the Senate. According to Inside Elections the key Senate battleground elections will be in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. As of June IE rated AZ, GA, and NV as toss-ups, FL and NC as leaning GOP, NH as leaning Dem, and PA and WI as toss-ups or leaning GOP. Probably, the most vulnerable Dem Senators are Mark Kelly (AZ), and Ralph Warnock (GA) The most vulnerable GOP seats are probably Catherine Masto (NV), Richard Burr (NC), PA where incumbent Pat Toomey is retiring and Ron Johnson (WI). Obviously, that is all subject to change. The situation is likely to be very fluid due to Biden’s declining popularity and job approval. Even though he is not on any ballot he will cast a shadow on the elections. One thing to watch is the number of candidates who decline to have him campaign with them. Keep in mind that with a current 50-50 split the GOP has only to gain one net seat to claim a majority.


It is becoming increasingly clear that the attitudes and opinions of the far lefties who have been making policy decisions for the country do not reflect the will of the people. In many cases, a powerful, vocal minority, supported by a biased media, has been imposing its will on the majority, and the majority is not happy. This has been reflected in poll after poll. For example, according to polls conducted by “Ballotpedia News” and “FiveThirty Eight,” Biden’s latest approval rating is 39%, which is historically low. By comparison, Trump’s was 42%. Furthermore, a recently-published AP poll revealed that 85% of respondents believe America is on the “wrong track.”

Moreover, in the same poll only 28% approved of Biden’s handling of the economy. Historically, absent a war, the economy has proven to be the number one issue for voters on Election Day. Despite all the distractions about January 6 and Roe v Wade I see no reason for it not be so in 2022. Voters will be reminded of the economy every time they buy food or gas up the car. I believe those issues are “spin-proof.”

Incidentally, I have long objected to the far left labeling itself as “progressive.” The term implies a slow, steady, positive change. The current situation has been anything but that. To me, a more apt label would be “radical,” or socialist” But, that’s just my opinion.

Unless things change radically by ED, and I doubt they will, the above does not augur well for the Dems. In my opinion the GOP will “flip” both the Senate and the House.

Stay tuned. More to come.


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