Now we know why it took 65 days for President Biden to hold his first press conference. What we saw was painful to watch. What we saw was embarrassing to watch. What we saw was downright scary. No doubt, what we saw will frighten our allies and embolden our enemies. Politics aside, I actually felt sympathy and empathy for him.

For those Americans who watch the “real” news it was not that surprising. Some of us have seen worse. However, for those who get their news from CNN, MSNBC and the networks who habitually portray Biden in the best possible light you now have seen what the rest of the world has known for some time. Now you know truly “the emperor has no clothes.”

I don’t want to dwell on what Biden said so much as how he said it and the format of the presser, itself. For example:

  1. Biden’s comments were chock full of disingenuous statements, particularly with respect to the southern border. Essentially, he blamed the situation at the border on former president Trump, which is absurd on its face, and he glossed over the crisis he has created and perpetuated by his open door policy. Apparently, his “solution” to the non-crisis crisis is to (a) disperse illegals who have tested positive for COVID or have not been tested at all, throughout the US with a bus or airplane ticket, (b) put them up in luxury hotels at taxpayer expense, (c) alleviate the inhumane living conditions in the overcrowded holding facilities by transporting the overflow of migrants to Fort Bliss and other federal properties and (d) appoint co-President Harris, who has no background or expertise on that issue, laughs when asked about it by reporters, and is on record comparing ICE to the KKK, to fix it. Good luck with that.
  2. As Walt Frazier might say, Biden treated us to an array of fumbles, mumbles, and stumbles. For example, on several occasions he appeared to lose his place, and at one point he stated he had been in the Senate for “120 years.”
  3. He misstated and mischaracterized the purpose of the Senate filibuster, which he, himself, and his former allies, such as the late Robert Byrd, who was a very senior KKK member, employed many times. He tried to score a cheap political point by characterizing it as “racist” and a “relic of the ‘Jim Crow’ era.” If he were more familiar with the Constitution he would know that the Founding Fathers included the filibuster rules for a reason. The Senate is supposed to be a body that deliberates and debates matters unlike the House, which generally acts more quickly. (Some would say, rashly.) Biden should have been pressed on that issue, but, alas, he was not.
  4. It was clear that Biden, rather than speaking freely or extemporaneously, was reading from notes, or “cheat sheets” as he calls them, and yet he still was plagued by the aforementioned fumbles, mumbles and stumbles. A few times he lost his place, acted befuddled, and paused for several seconds until he found it. At one point he lost his train of thought completely and just stopped his answer in mid-sentence.
  5. It was clear he had a list of whom he was to call on for questions. No doubt, the questions, themselves, were preapproved in order to prevent Biden from being blindsided by a question he was not prepared to answer. Contrast that with all the other presidential pressers you have witnessed. Not surprisingly the aforementioned list did not include Fox News or any other “unfriendly” news outlets.
  6. There were no questions on important issues such as China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, how to get the teachers’ union to direct the teachers to return to work in CA and other states, election reform, the $5 trillion in bailout packages (both enacted and planned), or his tax increase plan, which is hanging over the country like a toxic pall.


I would like someone to tell me one positive result of the presser, other than the fact that he actually held one. To me, there aren’t any. On the other hand, our fears and concerns were confirmed. How will the man we saw be able to stand up to Putin, Xi, Kim Jung-Un, the Iranian mullahs, any of the other various bad actors in the world? The obvious answer is, he won’t. As I said above, our enemies will no doubt be emboldened, and our allies, as well as we, should be worried. Very worried.



  1. Agree Larry. It is also clear that Pelosi and Obama and their oligarch pals are calling all the shots. Not surprisingly they are doing a horrible job. It was an embarrassment. A real press would have demanded Biden to leave via the 25th amendment about 5 minutes after that so called press conference ended.

    • Thank you for your comment. Are any Biden supporters you know having buyer’s remorse yet? What we’ve seen so far is just the preliminary. The main events will be the filibuster, election reform, packing the Court and the tax increase plan. Strap up.

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