Since the 2020 election I have tried to stay away from politics. I found it too upsetting, especially the controversial presidential election (putting it kindly) and the Georgia Senate races. I have blogged about these before. There is no need to rehash the results. At this point, it is what it is.

However, in view of current developments I cannot remain silent any longer. In my opinion, those in control of the government whose views I believe to be in the minority, appear to be bound and determined to force their radical agenda on the rest of us even if it means ruining the country. Furthermore, in Joe Biden they have found the perfect dupe to do so. I will demonstrate below.

Like most people who had been paying attention during the past year, once Biden won I could virtually predict what would happen. It’s not as if the far left radicals were keeping their agenda a secret. They were espousing it at every opportunity, on the news, in press conferences, and in debates. Also, their allies in the media and elsewhere were repeating it as well, Losing the majority in the Senate was the icing on the cake. Biden and the Dem Party are firmly under the control of the far left. Biden is either incapable of or doesn’t want to stand up to the radical far left in his own party, such as Bernie Sanders and the “Squad.”

Furthermore, with the support of the mainstream media and the tech moguls, they are now free to push their radical agenda with impunity. Anyone who dares to express a different viewpoint is branded a “racist.” With the Dems in control of the presidency and both houses of Congress as Chuck Schumer said, or rather threatened, “all bets were off.” What has occurred in little more than one month, though frightening, is not a surprise. As I said, the Dems were announcing their agenda all throughout the campaign. Many who voted for them and now claim to be surprised were simply not paying attention. They were focused on their own lives, worried about COVID, or just disliked President Trump so much they wanted him out at any cost. Many of those who were paying attention just chose not to believe they would actually follow through, at least not so quickly and decisively. I’ve lost track of how many of my Dem friends insisted that Biden was a “moderate,” despite all the empirical evidence to the contrary. Well, the Trump-haters got their wish. The “Big Orange Demon” is gone. But, as the expression goes, “be careful what you wish for.”

President Biden wasted no time in undoing as much of President Trump’s accomplishments as he could. For instance, in the first two weeks he signed no less than 28 Executive Orders. As we know, EOs are a convenient way for a president to implement policies without the approval of Congress. Every president does it, but Biden has taken it to a new level. Even though the country is in the midst of an existential pandemic he signed many of them the first couple of days as if he couldn’t wait to do so. This is the same Biden who criticized President Trump for using EOs as a tool to bypass Congress and the will of the American people and for “ruling by fiat.” Now, he is doing the same thing, except more so. By comparison, in the first MONTH of office President Trump signed a mere 12 and President Obama signed only 16. So, who is ruling by fiat?

Some of these EOs have had and will continue to have far-reaching negative effects on the country. Time and space limitations only permit me to discuss the most egregious. For example:

  1. Shutting down the Keystone Pipeline. This action, in one fell swoop, terminated some 11,000 high-paying union jobs and obviated our energy independence that we had strived for some 70 years to attain. I thought Biden was supposed to be a strong advocate of unions. I guess no longer. With the stroke of a pen Biden put us under the economic thumb of our enemies, such as the Middle East mullahs and Russia. The price of oil has skyrocketed and will continue to do so. You will be reminded of this EO every time you put gas in your car or pay your heating or air conditioning bill. Don’t be shocked if the price at the pump exceeds $4.00 per gallon this summer in some locales.
  2. Opening up the border. Unless you get all your news from CNN or MSNBC you have been seeing evidence of the crisis at the southern border on the news on a nightly basis. Migrants streaming over the border at the rate of hundreds of thousands a month, in some cases, wearing Biden tee shirts, unaccompanied minors being housed in facilities that are no more than boxes with bars on the windows with inadequate food, medical care, and toilet facilities, and minors as young as three years old unaccompanied by their parents. Who knows what abuses they have been subjected to by the cartel coyotes along the way from Guatemala or Honduras or wherever. Who knows how many have died along the way. Thanks to our “open door policy” in many respects the Mexican cartels are now virtually in control of our southern border. But, the worst aspect of this policy is that an unknown number of migrants who have tested positive for COVID or have not been tested at all have nevertheless been allowed to travel all over the country. How insane is that!? Some of them may very well end up in your neighborhood.
  3. Biden is so beholden to the teachers union that he continues to support its desire to keep schools in many areas closed, even though the science and supporting empirical evidence from private schools, other states and other countries has clearly shown that they can be reopened safely.
  4. Biden continues to advocate locking down the economy. Recently, he criticized the governors of Texas and Mississippi for fully opening up their states. He accused them of “Neanderthal thinking.” Imagine if Trump had said something like that. Yet, as I said, he is permitting illegals to enter the country and travel freely without medical screening in the midst of the worst pandemic in 100 years.
  5. He is going soft on Iran regarding the nuclear deal that Trump negotiated. God only knows what progress the Iranians have been making toward full nuclear capability.
  6. The next item on the agenda will be HR1, which among other things, seeks to relax voting registration requirements further including permitting 16 year-olds and felons to vote, expanding the use of mail-in voting without identification, and possible statehood for Puerto Rico. All this is designed to make the Democrat majority permanent.
  7. Finally, don’t be surprised to see a substantial tax hike at some point, even for the middle class. Somehow, someone will have to pay for all this federal government largesse. That someone will be you and me.

The Dems’ goal is to achieve all of their program without any input from the GOP, and they may just pull it off.

The foregoing is not a complete list. There have been many additional actions that will hurt the country.


Biden has continued to demonstrate a diminished cognitive ability. In some cases, the evidence is obvious, such as his propensity to stumble over words, lose his place, and forget names. In other instances it is more subtle. For example, Kamala Harris has been meeting one-on-one with other heads of state, a function traditionally in the president’s purview; Biden has not held one press conference at which reporters could ask him meaningful questions; and he has been working “short” days. Think back to the manner in which other presidents operated. This is not normal. Don’t be surprised if he does not last even one full term before being replaced.

I wonder how many Biden voters are now suffering from “buyer’s remorse?” How many of the aforementioned Keystone Pipeline workers voted for him? How many others who work in an energy-related field, or live near the border, or own or work in small businesses, or have kids of school age who cannot attend school in person or play school sports were mislead into voting for the “moderate” Joe? I am not trying to be callous or malicious; I feel badly for those people, but nothing can be done about it now. The list goes on and on.

The Dems now control the entire government for the next two years, and we are stuck with them. In my view, with their radical agenda, excessive political correctness, and cancel culture they are ruining the country. The latest example is their attack on Dr. Seuss, whose books have charmed and entertained generations of children. Dr. Seuss a racist? Really? Tell that to Michele Obama who enjoyed reading his books to children. I suppose the “woke” crowd now considers her to be a racist too.

Where will it all end? It is said that “elections have consequences” and “you get the government you deserve.” Well, we got it, and we deserve it. I fervently hope we can last until 2024 or at least 2022.


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