You have to hand it to the Far Left in one sense.  They have the capacity to come up with one wild idea after another.  As soon as one is debunked they come up with another, and another, and another.  For example, they spent three years trying to overturn the 2016 election.  They pushed a false Russian collusion narrative.  They falsified FISA warrants in order to spy on Mr. Trump and certain of his subordinates and supporters.  They subjected the president to a biased Mueller investigation.  They wasted our time and money pursuing the impeachment of President Trump.   They pushed the insane Green New Deal.  But just when you thought they’d gone as far as they could go with their craziness they have come up with the most insane idea yet.  They want to defund local police departments.

Why?  The reason given most often is that old standby, racism.  They would have us believe that the overwhelming majority of police are racist.  They would have you believe that the police go to work every day thinking “how many people of color can I abuse or murder today.”  Yes, there are some “bad apples.”  No one is denying that.  We just saw four of them in action last week.

As I have discussed in previous blogs we all agree that what they did to George Floyd was horrendous.  And, yes, I will concede that many blacks have been unfairly and inappropriately targeted for “stops” and mistreated.  This should be addressed and corrected, and many police departments are doing just that.  But, actual racists are few and far between, certainly when compared to prior years.  Modern police forces include a large percentage of minorities and women who are more understanding of the citizens they serve; it’s not a case of white male police victimizing people of color.  In my opinion, the rioting and wanton violence we are seeing every day, has changed the narrative and obscured these issues.

According to a poll published by the Washington Post police shootings and killings of both people of color and in total have declined considerably.  Despite what the media and the pols tell you, various polls have consistently reflected the public’s positive views towards the police, especially when compared to other institutions.

For example:

  1. According to a recent Gallup Poll 53% of respondents had a “great deal of confidence” in the police.  That degree of confidence far exceeded that of any other institution in the poll.
  2. Congress brought up the rear at 11%.
  3. According to a recent Pew Poll 90% of blacks who had had recent encounters with the police believed they acted “properly.”
  4. Reflecting the fact that most Americans are fed up, scared and crave law and order a recent poll reported about 70% of Americans want the National Guard to be deployed in cities asap.
  5. Alternatively, 58% want the military so deployed asap.
  6. That is most assuredly not the impression one gets from the media and political leaders.  Good and routine does not sell; bad and violent does.  The timeworn phrase “if it bleeds, it leads” is true.

Primarily based on the false narrative of racism, defunding, partially or totally, is gaining momentum, not among normal people, but among politicians, the elites, and the media.

For example:

  1. LA mayor Eric Garcetti has proposed cutting police funding in the city by some $150,000, which is about 10%.
  2.  In Minneapolis, in which over 2/3 of the city’s businesses have been destroyed by rioters, an overwhelming majority of the members of the City Council has endorsed reducing funding to the police.
  3.  NYC’s Mayor De Blasio is proposing to cut police funding by $1 billion.
  4.  The Atlantic has offered the following wandering generality meaningless platitude: “America needs to rethink its priorities for the whole criminal justice system.”
  5.  “Black Lives Matter,” which has been a staunch advocate of defunding has proposed to replace the police with its own private police force.  That should send chills up your spine.

The defunding movement is well-organized and well-funded.  Despite the polls and the opposition among diverse groups as demonstrated above, it is gaining momentum.  It appears that many locales will likely be cutting funding.

Who is in favor of it?  Why?  Glad you asked.  Put on your “Dr. Spock” hat and think logically.  Who stands to gain?  Not the poor and working class minorities as indicated by the above polls.  They live in the high crime areas and crave police protection.  They would like to be able to walk down the street without being accosted and victimized by the corner thug.  They would like to be safe in their own home.  They would like to be able to sit on their couch or lie in their bed and not be shot by a random bullet. Not the immigrant who came to the US to escape violence.   Not the average citizen who does not live in a gated community with 24/7 security.  Not the small business owner who is trying to live the American Dream and not see his life’s work destroyed in minutes.

Who then?  Who benefits?  Think money and power.  Of course, it’s the elites, the “ruling class,” and make no mistake about it, we have one in America.  It’s the politicians who want to stay in power.  It’s the wealthy and powerful of all stripes including athletes, entertainers, business leaders, politicians, powerful corporations, and media moguls, among others, who are and would continue to be insulated from all the ensuing chaos.

They have been orchestrating this entire movement.  It is too well funded and well-organized to be random.  Who has been funding bail for rioters?  Clueless celebrities.  Who has been storing caches of bricks all over NYC and other cities?  Likely, ANTIFA and other violent, far-left groups. Do you think that thousands of people independently decided one day to riot with bricks and bottles and weapons?

Meanwhile, certain politicians and media talking heads have added fuel to the fire.

For instance:

  1. CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo continue to characterize the rioters as “frustrated” and “angry” “protestors” and “demonstrators.”  A rare voice of reason belonged to Juan Williams, co-host of The Five.  Normally, an ardent progressive, he opined “adopting calls by the far left to defund the police would have a disproportionately large impact on poor neighborhoods.”
  2.  NY Senator Chuck Schumer dismissed the rioters as being in the minority, and praised the “protestors” as being part of the “tradition of NY” (whatever that means).
  3. Joe Biden continues to pander and flip flop.  Long an advocate of the police and a sponsor of the Crime Bill, he now is calling for “police reforms,” whatever that means, and the establishment of a Police Oversight Commission to study the issue (a classic case of “kicking the can down the road”).  His abrupt change of attitude strikes me as opportunistic and insincere.  In any event, it has drawn the ire of Bill Johnson, the director of the 200,000 member National Association of Police Organization, a long-time supporter, who characterized his comments as “way left and off the deep end.”

Many people see something even more sinister.  There are those who see this as a means to sow so much chaos and fear that it would cost Mr. Trump the 2020 election.  Before you scoff at that notion, again, think who gains?


So what will happen to cities where defunding succeeds?  In my opinion, law and order is essential to our free society.  We have laws that must be enforced.  We have rights that must be protected.  Without law enforcement all that would break down and quickly.

If someone is attacking you, attempting to break into your house or steal your car whom would you call for help?  “Ghostbusters?   Remember most of us do not carry guns.  Many of us are elderly, children, weak, or infirmed.  We need the police to protect us.  That is their function.  That is their job.  Think Mad Max and the movie series, The Purge.  If you haven’t seen those movies do so, and you will come away terrified.

The absence of police would leave a power vacuum.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  It would be filled quickly by another power.  Who?  Whoever is the most powerful.  Whoever is capable of strong-arming everyone else.  Most likely, the strongest, most vicious criminal in the area, akin to the warlords we see in various lawless countries.  If this scenario scares you, good; it should.  If you don’t think it can happen here, think again.


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