And, the devastation of America goes on… and on…. and on right before our very eyes, and we seem powerless to stop it.  What the British couldn’t do in the War of 1812, what the Mexicans couldn’t do in the Mexican War, what the Germans couldn’t do in WWI, what the Great Depression couldn’t do in the 1930’s, what the Japanese and the Germans, again, couldn’t do in WWII, what the North Koreans couldn’t do in the Korean Conflict, what the North Vietnamese couldn’t do in the Vietnam War, what the Russians couldn’t do in the Cold War, what all the various Islamic terrorist groups and the Chinese have been unable to do, what even the CV Pandemic couldn’t do, what no enemy has been able to do in our 250 plus years’ history, we are doing to ourselves.

It is appalling to watch.  Every night we are witnessing it live and in color on tv.   It’s as if America has devolved into a lawless third world country in which the criminals have free rein.  As Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out history remembers very few Roman emperors, but we do remember Nero, who supposedly “fiddled while Rome burned.”  Right now, our elected leaders are “fiddling” while America burns.

If someone had predicted this a few weeks ago they would have been dismissed as a nut job, but here we are.  It is happening before our very eyes.  It is real.  And, it’s getting worse.

As you know, it began as a brutal, horrific, horrendous and wanton murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis policeman named Derek Chauvin while three other policemen just stood around and watched.  Everyone who has seen the video has agreed that it was murder.  I have not heard one person defend the policemen’s actions.  Not one.  For probably the first time regarding these types of incidents all Americas are in agreement.  All Americans don’t agree on ANYTHING.  Yet, in this case we do.

So, then, how did we get to the place we are in now?  Good question.  There are many opinions, but here’s mine.

  1. It started out as peaceful demonstrations in one place, Minneapolis.
  2. Floyd’s murder touched a nerve in the AA community as many have long felt there is an underlying prejudice toward them by the police.  Many of them have endured personal experiences of prejudice.  Others have not experienced this and may fail to understand it.  This is an issue that should be debated peacefully.  Whatever, the grievances, violence is not the way to resolve them.  It just obscures the real issue, and prevents reasoned, peaceful debate, which, as advocated by esteemed civil rights leaders such as Gandhi, King and Mandela, is the only way to do it.
  3.  The local police failed to contain these demonstrations, so they quickly morphed into violent rioting not only in Minneapolis but in other cities as well, dozens and dozens of them.
  4. Now, we have gone far beyond peaceful demonstrations.  It is no longer about George Floyd.  It is no longer about how the police may treat AAs differently than Caucasians.  Now, we have looting, destruction of property, mayhem, and murder.
  5.  Now, the situation has spun out of control and is threatening the very fabric of our society.
  6.  And, still most of the local and state governments have failed to take decisive action.

The mob is unhappy that Chauvin’s accomplices – Thomas Lane, J. A. Kueng and Tau Thao  – though fired, have not been arrested as yet.  I don’t like it either, but I am not about to commence looting and burning over it.  I accept prosecutor Keith Ellison’s explanation that he wants to be “careful” and “methodical” in building his case. (Thank God, he is black, or else you know there would be charges of racism.)

Remember, according to that pesky little document, the Constitution, we provide the accused with due process in this day and age in the US.  We don’t just round up suspects and kill them.  This is not the Wild West of the late 19th century or the Old South.  We gather evidence, build a case, take it to trial, and a jury of the accused’s peers renders a verdict.  Often, the process takes months or even years to run its course.  Whereas in this instance some may view it as too slow, that’s the way it is in the US.  That’s the way it HAS to be or else our whole system crashes and burns (so to speak).

As usual, the majority of the destroyed property was owned by poor minorities or immigrants who have seen their life’s work destroyed in a matter of minutes.  As usual, this aspect of the event has been severely and tragically underreported.

As usual, much of the media has irresponsibly strayed far beyond reporting the facts.  I believe many outlets have been fanning the flames for ratings and/or to promote their political agendas.  For example, they often describe the rioting as “protests,” “demonstrations,” or “unrest.”  That is such a mischaracterization.  Call it what it is, rioting, criminal destruction of property, wanton violence, assault, and murder.   Condemn these criminals.  Don’t act like we have it coming.  Don’t toss around inflammatory phrases like “white privilege.”  Criticize the mayors and governors for cowardly inaction while their cities are being destroyed.  But, no, that would destroy their narrative.

President Trump has offered/threatened to employ the National Guard and/or the military to quell the violence.  Polls show Americans would favor that by 2:1.  Yet, many, if not most, Dems and the media, such as Don Lemon and Jim Acosta, have called him a dictator for that.  Moreover, with everything that is going on they have criticized him for walking through Lafayette park to historic St. John’s Episcopal Church and giving an uplifting speech holding a Bible.

Additionally, they have criticized him for “hiding in a bunker.”  They are too stupid to realize that in a crisis he has no choice.  According to Fox News analyst, Dana Perino, who worked in the White House as press secretary to Bush 43, the Secret Service tells him, “Mr. President, we are taking you to the bunker,” and that’s that.  They will carry him forcefully, if necessary.

Biden has emerged from his bunker to deliver a pandering speech in which he criticized cops as perpetrators of “systemic racism.”  Conveniently, he barely mentioned the rioters’ violence.  Biden is such a pandering phony. He did not offer any specific plan.  In his 50 years in politics, eight of which he was VP what has he done to advance the cause of AAs in America.  Whatever systemic racism may exist he helped to foster and perpetuate.

Think about the plight and the mindset of the average middle class citizen as opposed to the wealthy elites and talking heads on tv who are ensconced safely in their gated communities with their own private security, and who love to lecture us.

  1.  The pols have instituted policies and passed laws designed to severely restrict our second amendment right to protect ourselves.
  2. Using the CV as an excuse many of them have released convicted felons from prison.
  3.  In NY they have promulgated a policy of “no bail.”  So, now, being arrested is a joke.  We have a virtual revolving door.  Those arrested are often released back onto the street the same day, free to reprise their crimes.
  4.  In view of the foregoing, a strong police force is the only protection ordinary citizens have.  Yet, policemen have been vilified by liberal pols and media and  physically attacked, injured and even murdered to the point where many of them think twice before getting involved in an incident.

Tell me honestly, under these circumstances would you feel safe walking down a street in NYC, Philly, Chicago, LA or any other city for that matter, especially at night?  Would you feel comfortable if your wife, mother, or kids did so?


As I have said  many times, we elect politicians to govern us, to protect us, and to preserve our society.   This is no time for elected officials to hide under their bed.  Now is the time to take decisive action.

Instead, we being subjected to the private feud between NY Governor Cuomo and NYC Mayor De Blasio over who is to blame for the failure to quell the riots in NYC.  Cuomo has even threatened to “remove” De Blasio from office for incompetence.  He has since apologized, but, in my view, Cuomo clearly is right.  De Blasio is incompetent on so many levels I would need a separate blog to describe them all. This spat would be humorous if the situation weren’t so critical.

I say to the politicians, you sought the power and notoriety of political office. You must also accept the responsibility of it. Do your job. Put on your “big boy pants,” and make the tough, perhaps, unpopular decisions.  Otherwise, it will be incumbent on us, the voters, to elect people who will.



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