Some of you have requested another quiz, so here it is. Be careful what you wish for. You know the drill. No peeking at the internet, and no consulting with “Alexa.” Good luck.

1. The first president who was born in the US was (a) Andrew Jackson, (b) George Washington, (c) Millard Fillmore, (d) Martin Van Buren.

2. What city was the first capital of the US? (a) NYC, (b) Boston, (c) Philadelphia, (d) Baltimore

3. The first European settlement in North America was in which state? (a) Virginia, (b) NY, (c) Florida, (d) Massachusetts

4. In which city was Francis Scott Key when he composed the Star Spangled Banner? (a) Washington DC, (b) Baltimore, (c) NYC, (d) Philadelphia

5. Each of the following presidents was assassinated in office, EXCEPT: (a) William Henry Harrison, (b) JFK, (c) William McKinley, (d) James A. Garfield

6. During which war was the White House burned? (a) Civil War, (b) Revolutionary War, (c) War of 1812, (d) WWII

7. Who was president at the beginning of the Great Depression? (a) Calvin Coolidge, (b) FDR, (c) Warren Harding, (d) Herbert Hoover

8. Which president was known as “Old Hickory?” (a) Zachary Taylor, (b) Andrew Jackson; (c) Teddy Roosevelt; (d) US Grant

9. Which war was precipitated by the sinking of the “USS Maine?” (a) Civil War, (b) War of 1812, (c) Spanish-American War, (d) WWI

10. Each of the following presidents died in office, EXCEPT (a) James K. Polk, (b) Warren G. Harding, (c) William Henry Harrison, (d) Zachary Taylor

11. Which state was the 14th to join the Union? (a) Missouri, (b) Maine, (c) Florida, (d) Vermont

12. Who was the first black to serve as a justice on the Supreme Court? (a) Potter Stewart, (b) Thurgood Marshall, (c) Clarence Thomas, (d) Jethro Folk

13. Which was the first state to ratify the US constitution? (a) Delaware, (b) NY, (c) Virginia, (d) Maryland

14. Which state was the first to secede from the union at the start of the Civil War? (a) North Carolina, (b) Mississippi, (c) South Carolina, (d) Alabama

15. When was the Women’s Suffrage amendment ratified? (a) 1910, (b) 1918, (c) 1920, (d) 1925

16. Who was the only president to serve two terms non-consecutively? (a) Teddy Roosevelt, (b) James Monroe, (c) Grover Cleveland, (d) Lyndon Johnson

17. Which president completed the Louisiana Purchase? (a) Thomas Jefferson, (b) George Washington, (c) James Monroe, (d) Andrew Jackson

18. Which state was the 48th to join the Union? (a) Alaska, (b) Arizona, (c) Hawaii, (d) New Mexico

19. When did the California Gold Rush commence? (a) 1840, (b) 1940, (c) 1848, (d) 1901

20. Which two former US presidents died on the same day? (a) Franklyn Pierce and Millard Fillmore, (b) Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams, (c) James Monroe and Andrew Jackson, (d) John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

ANSWERS: 1. (d) (The earlier presidents were born in the colonies.); 2. (a) (Philadelphia was the capital of the colonies from 1774-1776.); 3. (c) (St. Augustine 1565; 4.(b); 5. (a); 6. (c); 7. (d); 8. (b); 9. (c); 10.(a); 11. (d); 12. (b); 13. (a); 14. (c); 15. (c); 16. (c); 17. (a); 18. (b); 19. (c); 20. (d) (7/4/1826).

Well, how did you do. Too hard? Too easy? Let me know.


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