We are being invaded! By whom, you ask? The Russians? No. The Chinese? Nope. By ISIS? No, again. Well, by whom, then? The answer is we are not sure. All we know is that, presently, some 7,000 or more “refugees” from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and God knows where else are trekking through Mexico bound for the US southern border. People, this is not an orderly emigration; it is a virtual invasion. It is nothing more or less than an assault on our border. The US cannot possibly assimilate all these people in an orderly manner.

The open borders crowd would have you believe that all of these people are refugees, families fleeing war, oppression, natural disaster or economic depression to make a better life for themselves in the US. To be sure, some of them may fall into that category. However, many others do not. Experience has shown us that imbedded in amongst this horde are criminals, MS-13 gang members, terrorists and other undesirables and ne’er do wells who would do us harm. Additionally, experience has shown that many of the minors are unaccompanied by their real parents or other family members. Instead, they are being “escorted” by drug cartel members who are just as likely to rob, rape and enslave them as help them. The point is we don’t know who they are.

The US’s archaic immigration laws state that once a person sets foot in the country and claims asylum he or she gets to stay. Yes, they have to appear at a hearing in the future, but few of them actually do so. Many of them are forced to wait in detention centers under dubious conditions. Others somehow manage to roam free throughout the country.

You may ask, where did all these people come from? How did it happen that they all decided to march north at the same time? Good questions. I’m not sure, but it seems more than a little suspicious to me. Common sense tells me that it was not a spontaneous decision that 7,000 people made independently. The only logical explanation is that it was an orchestrated, organized plan hatched, funded, and supported by various open borders groups.


I have blogged on the immigration issue many times, and there is no need to repeat myself now. Suffice to say, that it is well settled that the Dems and their far left supporters are the ones in favor of open borders. Undoubtedly, some of them may truly care about these people. But, in my opinion, most of the Dem politicians are promoting this to ingratiate themselves into the Hispanic community in a desperate attempt to earn voting support both now and prospectively. For example, Nancy Pelosi refuses to even call MS-13 gang members who hack up their victims, “animals.” Dem presidential hopefuls, such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Andrew Cuomo, have all supported unfettered immigration. As a result, these Dem party leaders have aligned the party with terrorists, gangsters, drug smugglers, criminals, and other assorted ne’er-do-wells.

The timing of this caravan, on the eve of the mid-term elections, is suspicious. Clearly, the Dems’ goal is some sort of political gain, but, in my opinion, it has backfired on them. News reports have shown a disorderly, unruly mob (There’s that word again.), climbing fences, attacking Mexican border guards and doing God knows what else.

The optics are terrible. Even Dana Perino, a self-described moderate regarding immigration, has expressed her dismay at what is going on. The caravan may be part of the reason why the latest polls show President Trump’s approval rating to be at an all-time high (for him). This augurs well for the GOP on election day.

Mr. Trump has vowed to stop the caravan from entering the country. He has requested assistance from Mexico in this regard, but if that should fail, he may have to withhold foreign aid or even send troops to the border to close it. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but, like I said, we are being invaded!


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