My darling and devoted wife claims I have very limited knowledge of pop culture. Perhaps, but let’s test your knowledge. You know the drill: no peeking at the internet. Don’t ask “Alexa.”  Good luck.

  1. Each of the following movies won the Oscar for “Best Picture, EXCEPT:

(a) Crash; (b) Argo; (c) Hacksaw Ridge; (d) Moonlight

2.  President Trump has been mentioned as a possible winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.  How many previous US presidents have been so honored?

(a) 1; (b) 2; (c) 3; (d 4)

3.  Which famous entertainer was born in Steubenville, Ohio?

(a) Dean Martin; (b) Bing Crosby; (c) Jack Benny; (d) Liberace

4.  Which of the below actors played “Danno” on the original “Hawaii 50” tv series?

(a) Al Harrington; (b) Buddy Ebsen; (c) Larry Manetti; (d) James MacArthur

5.  Alfred Hitchcock directed each of the below movies, EXCEPT:

(a) “Psycho;” (b) “Marnie;” (c) “The Birds;” (d) “The House of Wax”

6.  Each of the below was a 2017 Emmy Award winner, EXCEPT:

(a) John Lithgow; (b) Viola Davis; (c) Nicole Kidman; (d) Sterling Brown

7.  Which of the below actors won the 2018 Oscar for “Best Actor?”

(a) Gary Oldman; (b) Daniel Kaluuya; (c) Denzel Washington; (d) Woody Harrelson

8.  In the famous Abbott and Costello comedy routine “Who’s on First,” the name of the second baseman is:  (a) What; (b) When; (c) Tomorrow; (d) I don’t know.

9.  Which child actor debuted in the tv show “Little House on the Prairie?”
(a) Ed Furlong; (b) Richard Thomas; (c) Jerry Mathers; (d) Jason Bateman

10.  Each of the following is a show created by Dick Wolf, EXCEPT:

(a) South Beach; (b) Law and Order; (c) Boston Legal; (d) Chicago Justice

11.  Which movie featured music by Simon and Garfunkle, including megahit “Sounds of Silence?”

(a) The Apartment; (b) The Graduate; (c) Eyes without a Trace; (d) A Patch of Blue

12.  Which of the below actresses won the 2018 Oscar for “Best Supporting Actress?”

(a) Octavia Spencer; (b) Mary Blige; (c) Allison Janney; (d) Sally Hawkins

13.  The rock ‘n roll song, “Rock Around the Clock” was featured in which of these movies?

(a) Blackboard Jungle; (b) The Rockers; (c) The Survivors; (d) Teen Angel

14.  Each of the following was a member of the “Rat Pack,” EXCEPT:

a.  Peter Lawford; (b) Dean Martin; (c) Vic Damone; (d) Frank Sinatra

15.  Who was the host of the “Newly Wed Game?”

(a)  Pat Sajak; (b) Alex Trebek; Marc Summers; (d) Chuck Barris

16.  Which famous actor appeared on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?”

(a) Will Smith; (b) Denzel Washington; (c) Brian Forster; (d) Fred Savage

17.  The hit song, “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” was featured in which movie?

(a)  Bonnie and Clyde; (b) Cool Hand Luke; (c) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; (d) Eyes without a Trace

18.  Whose birth name was Joseph Barrow?  (a) Cary Grant; (b)  Joe Louis; (c) Robert Mitchum; (d) Peter O’Toole

19.  Which rapper was born Curtis James Jackson, III

(a) Lil Wayne; (b) Eminem; (c) LL Cool J; (d) “Fitty” Cent

20.  Name the original host of the tv game show, “The Match Game.”
(a) Don Pardo; (b) Art Fleming; (c) Pat Sajak; (d) Gene Rayburn


  1. (c);  2. (d) (Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama);  3. (a);  4. (d);  5. (d);  6. (b);  7. (a);  8.  (a);  9. (b);  10. (c); 11. (b); 12.(c); 13. (a); 14. (c); 15. (d);  16. (a);  17. (c); 18. (b) (Joseph Louis Barrow); 19. (d);  20. (d)

Let me know how you did.  Also, I am happy to accept suggested questions for my next quiz.


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