This year is Super Bowl LII.  It will be played in Minneapolis between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots.  Kick-off will be shortly after 6:30pm.  Anyone who watches the entire pre-game show on NBC deserves a prize.

To celebrate the occasion I have compiled a Super Bowl quiz.  As always, no peeking at the internet, and don’t ask “Alexa.”

1.  What is the official name of the stadium in which tomorrow’s SB will be played?  (a) Vikings Stadium; (b) Minnesota Dome; (c) 3-M Stadium; (d) US Bank Stadium.

2.  Who is performing at halftime?  (a) Justin Timberlake; (b) Lady Gaga; (c) Bruno Mars; (d)  Katy Perry.

3.  The losing team in the first SB was: (a) Cowboys; (b) Raiders; (c) Giants; (d) Chiefs

4. According to the USDA, Super Bowl Sunday is the “second largest food consumption day.  Which day is first?  (a) New Years Day; (b)  Thanksgiving; (c) Christmas; (d) Mothers Day

5. How many Super Bowls have been decided in overtime? (a) 0; (b) 1; (c) 2; (d) 3

6. Which franchise has won the most SBs? (a) Dallas; (b) San Francisco; (c) Pittsburg; (d) New England

7. Each of the following teams is undefeated in SBs except: (a) Jets; (b) Ravens; (c) Bucs; (d) Green Bay

8. The name “Super Bowl” was derived from: (a) College “bowl” games; (b) Fan vote; (c) Media feedback; (d) Child’s toy

9. Who is the only starting quarterback to win SBs with two different teams? (a) Bart Starr; (b) Peyton Manning; (c) Steve Young; (d) Joe Montana

10. Who was the only MVP from the losing team? (a) Chuck Howley; (b) Len Dawson; (c) Bruce Smith; (d) Icky Woods

11. How many defensive players have been MVP of a SB? (a) Two; (b) Five; (c) Eight; (d) Ten

12. If the Pats win tomorrow they will have achieved the rare, but not unique, feat of wining back-to-back SBs.  Which team has won back-to-back SBs twice? (a) Green Bay; (b) San Francisco; (c) Dallas (d) Pittsburg

13. Name the current NFL city that has neither hosted an SB nor had its team appear in one. (a)  Jacksonville; (b) Philadelphia; (c) Cleveland; (d) Indianapolis

14. Each of the following teams has not appeared in a SB, except:  (a)  Eagles; (b) Jaguars; (c) Lions; (d) Browns

15.  Who scored the first ever touchdown in a SB?  (a)  Bart Starr; (b)  Paul Hornung; (c)  Max McGee; (d) Len Dawson

16. How many times has a team played the SB in its home stadium? (a) 0; (b) 1; (c) 2; (d) 3

17. SB LII will be Bill Belichick’s eighth.  Which coach has appeared in the next highest number of SBs? (a) Vince Lombardi; (b) Tom Landry; (c) Don Shula; (d) Bud Grant

18. Who was the MVP in the first Super Bowl? (a) Paul Hornung; )b) Len Dawson; (c) Bart Starr; (d) Jerry Kramer

19. Which of the following coaches has taken more than one team to a SB?  (a) Don Shula; (b) Tom Landry; (c) Bill Belichick;  (d) Vince Lombardi

20. The 2017 SB was played in which city? (a) Dallas; (b) Houston; (c) New Jersey; (d) Los Angeles

21. Which of the below-listed quarterbacks did not win any Super Bowls. (a) Jim Plunkett; (b) Dan Marino; (c). Joe Namath; (d) Terry Bradshaw

22. After whom is the SB trophy named? (a) Pete Rozelle; (b) Paul Brown; (c) Al Davis; (d) Vince Lombardi

23. Which player has won the most SB rings? (a) Adam Vinatieri; (b) Charles Haley; (c) Terry Bradshaw; (d) Bob Lilly

24. Which half-time entertainer became (in)famous for a “wardrobe malfunction?” (a) Beyoncé; (b) Janet Jackson; (c) Madonna; (d) Lady Gaga

25. What marginal player became famous for the “helmet catch” in SBXLII (Giants vs. Pats)? (a) Plaxico Burris; (b) Randy Moss; (c) David Tyree; (d) Bob Schnelker

ANSWERS: 1. d; 2. a; 3. d; 4. b ; 5. b; 6. c; 7. d; 8. d; 9. b; 10. a (SB V); 11.d; 12. d ; 13. c, 14. a; 15. c; 16. a; 17. c (6); 18. c; 19. a; 20. b (NRG Stadium); 21. b; 22. d; 23. b (5- tied with Tom Brady); 24. b; 25. c

Enjoy this year’s game.  Although I dislike both teams, I will be rooting for the Eagles, because if they win ESPN host Dave Rothenberg (who is my favorite sports commentator) will “go nuclear” on the air for days, which will be “must listen” radio entertainment.   That said, I think the Pats will win.

Prediction: New England 31; Philadelphia 17.


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