Memo to Donald Trump:  Hey shmendrik, the tax [non]issue is killing you.  I don’t care what your high-priced attorneys are advising you.  Release the d..n tax returns, already!  They can’t possibly be as bad as the public is speculating them to be.  It is very likely that the tax returns of someone as high profile as yourself with access to the best CPAs and tax lawyers does not have any irregularities.

Anyone who is not braindead knows that one is entitled to take every tax deduction the law allows so as to minimize his taxes.  Moreover, a public corporation is obligated to do so for the benefit of its shareholders.  No one pays more than they have to voluntarily.  Clinton knows this.  The Dems know this. The media knows this.  Most of the public knows this.  However, the Dems and their media surrogates will keep hammering you on this matter because they have no valid issues to exploit.  They are forced to dig up lies, half-truths, and exaggerations, and this is the latest example.  If some woman were to claim that you pulled her pigtails on the playground when you were six, they  would label you a bully and a misogynist.   Extricate yourself from this “rabbit hole,” and pivot to the real issues that voters care about.

In summary, if you want to be president release the returns in a spirit of full disclosure, and then insist that Clinton release her health records and foundation information, and that she and her aides testify truthfully and fully with respect to the missing emails and Benghazi.  Furthermore, do it before the next debate.  Time to play offense.


As I said, Clinton and the Dems are on very weak ground.  The latest Gallup poll has disclosed that 74% of voters think the country is heading in the wrong direction.   Who has been President of the country for the last eight years?  Obama.  Who was Secretary of State?  Clinton.  Who has stated she intends to continue Obama’s progressive agenda?  Clinton.

The same poll identified the three most disliked and mistrusted groups as politicians, congress and the government.  Clinton is a politician; she has been a member of congress; and she has been in government service since  the 1990s.  You are none of those.

Focus on the issues that people care about:  the economy, terrorism/border security, and immigration.  If someone asks you about anything else, pivot right to those issues.  Be a politician like your opponent.  Respond to a question without answering it.


One thought on “TRUMP’S TAXES

  1. Trump should release his tax returns and insist Clinton do her email server justice by explaining why she deleted what she knowingly knew was wrong. WE CANNOT AFFORD FOR THIS COUNTRY TO CONTINUE THE DIRECTION OF THE FAILED Obama Administration.

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