I began writing this blog in 2012.  My wife convinced me to do it, because I was constantly griping about the economic and political state of the country and the way it was being governed.  She said something like:  “You like to write.  If you feel so strongly about current events, why don’t you start a blog?  Also, it will keep your mind sharp.”  Well, like most of us, I almost always listen to my wife, so I did it.

You may recall that at the time, much of the electorate shared my dissatisfaction, and the 2012 presidential election was very contentious (although not as much as this one).  My original intention was to use the blog as a means of venting my frustrations.  I planned to focus on politics, but, along the way, I branched out into quizzes, history, humor, and eulogies of famous people.  Some of my favorite blogs have been eulogies about Ed Koch, Yogi Berra, Margaret Thatcher, and Muhammed Ali.

Many of you have commented on the blogs, which I appreciated even though we may have had a difference of opinion.  Some of the common comments have been 1) political disagreements, 2) the quizzes are too hard; and 3) on the plus side, that you have learned “stuff.”  I appreciate all your comments, whether positive or negative.


When I stared, I didn’t expect to attract many viewers, but this week I passed 10,000 views.  In addition, viewers located in 85 countries have read the blogs, and they are being published in The Times of Israel.

I am very grateful for your support.  I know some of you read the blogs because you agree with most of what I say, but others read them because they disagree and want to see what inane comments I may have made.  No matter.  As the late Dick Young (popular, but controversial sports columnist) once said, and I paraphrase to clean it up:  My goal is to entertain, and it doesn’t matter to me whether you agree or disagree with me as long as you read it.

Hopefully there will be many more blogs coming, and you will enjoy them.




4 thoughts on “10,000

  1. Congratulations Larry! My sister was very wise to encourage you “to write”. Amazing that your blog reaches so many interested readers. I certainly have enjoyed your recent tributes to Peres and Palmer. The modern anti-semitism blog certainly was a much needed read! Thank you for your continuous desire to educate and entertain us.

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