Some of you may recall that last week I published a blog on this topic.  Since I was on vacation at the time I was unable to disseminate the blog as widely as usually.  I feel very strongly about this subject, so I would like to take this opportunity to republish it now with some additions.
Most of us would concede there is bias in the media.  Some outlets lean right and some lean left.  Most us probably feel the bias is against our political beliefs.  My personal opinion is most of the media is biased to the left, but the purpose of this blog is not to argue that point.
The media coverage of this election has been irresponsible and is going to get worse. Voters of all stripes feel very strongly about the candidates, particularly Clinton and Trump, the two leaders and presumed nominees.  That’s healthy and fine.  Unfortunately, many members of the media also have definite opinions, and they have been letting their personal biases bleed into their reportage. For example, recently I read a USA Today article in which the reporter quoted some world leaders comparing Trump to a Nazi and specifically to Hitler.  Really?  Hitler?  Arguably, the most evil human being in world history?  Come on!   That is way over the top!
Regardless of your opinion of Trump, that comparison is outrageous and irresponsible.   That reporter needs a history lesson badly. In addition, some foreign commentators have been weighing in on the election, in general, and on Trump, in particular.  My opinion, is they should mind their own business and stay out of ours.
In addition,  I am disturbed by the agitators and protesters that have been disrupting Trump’s rallies.  You don’t have to agree with him, but he is entitled to voice his opinion, as are his supporters.  Also, people who want to hear him speak, many of which may not be actual supporters but just want to hear what he has to say, are entitled to do so and should not be denied by violent protesters.  You may recall that even hate mongers and rabble rousers like Louis Farakhan and various Neo-Nazis have been permitted to speak in the past.  I don’t recall any violent protests at those rallies.  Most Americans believe and adhere to the principle that “although I may disagree with what you are saying, I will defend to my death your right to say it.”  Remember, we have this thing called The Bill of Rights, which guarantees,  among other things, Freedom of Speech.
The media has a love-hate relationship with Trump.  They give him air time and write about him, because he produces ratings, but they also feel the need to try to denigrate him and agitate him into saying something outrageous and/or distort what he says. The questions Cokie Roberts asked him in a recent interview were very unprofessional and embarrassing – to her as a seasoned professional.  She should know better.
I fear this will get worse as time goes on.  It’s embarrassing.
Full disclosure.
I am not a Trump supporter per se.  I would like to see a moderate Republican emerge, because it would give the GOP a better chance to defeat Clinton, whom I really detest, (personally even more than politically).  But if this bias keeps up I may become one.

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