Many of you have requested another quiz.  Well, be careful what you wish for!  This one will test your knowledge of Pop Culture.  You know the drill.  No peeking at the internet.

1.  Who wrote the theme song for “The Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson?

a.  Paul Anka

b. Bert Bacharach

c. Barry Manilow

d. Marvin Hamlich

2. Which rapper co-stars in the tv show “NCIS LA?

a.  Vanilla Ice

b.  Fifty Cent

c.  Ice T

d.  LL Cool J

3. Which popular tv comedy in the1970s starred Carroll O’Connor?

a.  Good Times

b.  All in the Family

c.  The Wonder Years

d.  MASH

4.  According to “People Magazine, who is currently the most beautiful woman?

a.  Jennifer Lawrence

b.  Jennifer Lopez

c.  Charlize Theron

d.  Sandra Bullock

5.  Which actor did NOT play James Bond in the movies?

a.  David Niven

b.  Sean Connery

c.  Peter O’Toole

d.  Pierce Brosnan

6.  The Broadway show “Beautiful” depicts the story of:

a.  Carole King

b.  Beyoncé

c.  Whitney Houston

d.  Diana Ross

7.  Who has been the most successful American Idol winner?

a.  David Coke

b.  Carrie Underwood

c.  Jennifer Hudson

d.  Taylor Hicks

8.  Who played “The Fonz?”

a.  John Travolta

b.  Will Smith

c.  Henry Winkler

d.  Jerry Mathers

9.  Who was NOT a member of the “Rat Pack?”

a.  Dean Martin

b.  Corbett Monica

c.  Peter Lawford

d.  Don Rickels

10.  Which of the following tv reality shows was aired first in the US?

a.  Survivor

b.  The Amazing Race

c.  American Idol

d.  Dancing with the Stars

11.  Who played the role of Trixie on the “Honeymooners?”

a.  Jane Meadows

b.  Gail Storm

c.  Joyce Randolph

d.  Jean Stapelton

12.   Which famous actor was born Marion Mitchell Morrison?

a.  Tony Curtis

b.  Burt Lancaster

c.  Steve McQueen

d.  John Wayne

13.   Which future President of the US hosted the 1950s tv show “Death Valley Days?”

a.  Richard Nixon

b.  Ronald Reagan

c.  George Bush (41)

d.  Dwight Eisenhower

14.  Who played the title role in the tv series “Dr. Quinn?”

a.  James Brolin

b.  Jane Seymour

c.  Lorne Greene

d.  Melissa Gilbert

15.  Who ushered in New Year’s Eve on radio and tv for over 30 years?

a.  Liberace

b.  Dick Clark

c.  Ed McMahon

d.  Guy Lombardo

16.  Who was the original host of the game show “Jeopardy?”

a.  Groucho Marx

b.  Alex Trebek

c.  Art Fleming

d.  Bob Barker

17.  Who played the original “Lone Ranger on tv?

a.  Randolph Scott

b.  Clayton Moore

c.  Hoot Gibson

d.  Chuck Connors

18.  According to “Forbes,” who was the top earning musician in 2014?

a.  Bon Jovi

b.  Beyoncé

c.  Taylor Swift

d.  Dr. Dre

19.  In which city did the tv show “American Bandstand” originate?

a.  LA

b.  NY

c.  Philadelphia

d.  Chicago

20.  Who starred in the tv show “The Wonder Years?”

a.  Fred Savage

b.  Ron Howard

c.  John Travolta

d.  Richard Thoma


Answers:  1) a; 2) d; 3) b; 4) d; 5) c; 6) a; 7) b; 8) c; 9) d; 10) a; 11) c; 12) d; 13) b; 14) b; 15) d; 16) c; 17) b; 18) d; 19) c; 20) a

Well, how did you do?  Please let me know.


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