In the aftermath of the first Presidential debate Mr. Romney has received the expected bounce in the polls.  Last night, Rasmussen, who I believe has been the most accurate of all the pollsters in recent election cycles, published the following results in his latest poll:  Florida – Romney up 49% – 47%; Ohio – Obama up 50% – 49%; Virginia – Romney up 49% – 48%.  If you’re a Romney supporter that’s good news as he was trailing or statistically even in each of those states before the debate.  If you’re an Obama supporter you can say “well, after my guy’s poor showing Romney’s only even, and he has to win all three states to have a realistic chance.”  Plus, Obama figures to come back strong and determined in the next debate. So, there’s something for each side to hang their hat on.  Historically, a bounce was to be expected.  The questions is, is it temporary, or the start of a momentum switch to Mr. Romney?  No one knows for sure. Time will tell.  Stay tuned.

Voter viewing was surprisingly high, around 80 million not counting those who followed it by computer.   Pretty good for a populace that is supposedly turned off and distracted.  I have said all along that I don’t mind so much which candidate people vote for as long as it is an informed vote, not one cast out of predisposition, ignorance or indifference.

As I said a couple of days ago, most observers and analysts on both sides thought that Mr. Romney won the debate.  Some Dems, however, felt compelled to make excuses for Mr. Obama. Some of them strained credulity and insulted voters’ intelligence.  For example, Al Gore stated that Mr. Obama’s performance was adversely affected by Denver’s thin air.  (He stated that Mr. Obama had only arrived in Denver at 2:00 pm that afternoon, which, according to Mr. Gore, did not afford him enough time to acclimate himself to the altitude.  Mr. Romney, on the other hand, had been in Denver for three days prior to the debate.) Another Dem commentator, Michael Eric Dyson, a Georgetown University Sociology Professor, theorized that Mr. Obama could not speak vigorously and frankly lest he “come off as an angry black man.”  I don’t think either statement will have much credence with mainstream voters.  Gore sounded foolish and Dyson is known to be a far left activist who was just using the “race card” as an excuse. In any event, these excuses and others like them made the Dems seem petty and sore losers.  They would be better served to accept defeat and try to do better next time.

Romney suporters should temper their exuberance by remembering that it was only the first of three debates, and Mr. Romney needed a win a lot more to sustain his candidacy.  Mission accomplished.  He now has to withstand an expected vigorous Dem counterattack to maintain his momentum and then continue to press his advantage in the ensuing debates.


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