Can you see the future?  I can.  I’m not saying that I can tell whether the stock market will go up or down or who will win the World Series.  That would be a neat trick and, of course, very lucrative.

But, what I can do is see the future of the US if Barack Obama gets re-elected.  What’s more, so could you if you have an open mind and use some common sense.  All you have to do is look at the economies of the socialist countries of Western Europe.  Greece would be the best example, but Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, and the UK would also do.  They all have one thing in common – socialist economies of varying degrees abounding with entitlements.  Greece is virtually bankrupt.  It just doesn’t know it yet.  It has had to be bailed out several times by its lenders, the major banks in Europe and the US.  Its economy is in a shambles.  Unemployment is high; productivity is low; people cannot retire and live decently; there is considerable political and social unrest.  Naturally, every group blames others for the problems rather than themselves.  The reality is the problems have been years in the making, are extremely complex and not so easily solved.  The other Western European countries, except for Germany, are following along the same path, but they are just not there yet.

In the past four years Mr. Obama has demonstrated, by both word and deed, that his economic policies are consistent with those of the aforementioned Western Europe nations.  All of his actions have served to discourage business, redistribute wealth, expand entitlements, expand the role of government as opposed to free enterprise and initiative, and increase the national debt.

Americans must look at Greece’s situation and realize that could be us in a short time if we keep on the current economic course.  Some voters say “We don’t know where Mr. Romney stands on certain issues.”  “He’s not specific enough.”  That’s a fair point, however, I say look at Western Europe and you see empirical evidence of where four more years of Obamanomics will take us.  Unless, you are a far left liberal or a Romney hater, the only logical conclusion is to reverse that old expression and take the”devil you don’t know over the devil you do.”


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