Think quickly. What is the most important aspect of America and the American way of life? What is it that sets us aside from any other country? What is it that if we were to lose it, it would destroy America as we know and love it? Some of you might respond “the Constitution;” others of you might say, “The Bill of Rights.” Both good answers. But, I would maintain it is “free and fair elections and the acceptance of the results.”

In order for America to function as a Republic we MUST have free and fair elections, and the people MUST accept the results of said elections as the honest and valid result. Some of us may not be happy with the result. Some of us may dislike or distrust the winner, but it is absolutely imperative that we accept the result and move on secure in the knowledge that the majority of voters have spoken. That doesn’t mean that the results can’t be questioned. That doesn’t mean that recounts are not appropriate in close elections. That is all part of the process so that, in the end, the losers can be satisfied that the election was valid.

It is imperative that the results were not influenced by outside sources. It is imperative that no outside agency, either domestic or foreign, had “their finger on the scale.” It is imperative that no agency ether domestic or foreign, altered or suppressed significant information in order to deceive voters. As I said, it is imperative that in the end voters accept the results as honest and valid.

Many of us have suspected or even thought they “knew” that that was not the case with respect to the last few elections. Many of those who have had the temerity to question the results have been ridiculed and scorned as “sore losers,” conspiracy theorists, or even worse, unpatriotic and “racist” (the tried and not so true catch-all criticism). At last, in the last week or so, thanks to Elon Musk’s releasing of previously-secret Twitter files the curtain has been drawn back. At last, proof is emerging that the vast conspiracy of the DNC, Dem candidates, the FBI, the Justice Department, Twitter, Facebook, and most of the media has been guilty of all the nefarious things mentioned above. Is this American? I think not. All may be fair in love and war, and often the ends may justify the means, but not in elections. Perhaps, in autocracies, but not in America.

To be sure, American history is replete with examples of backroom deals in “smoke filled rooms” as far back as the origin of the Republic, itself. But, it had never been conducted on this vast a scope. Perhaps, the two most notorious examples are the elections of 1824 and 1876. In 1824 there were four candidates for president. Andrew Jackson won the most electoral votes, but he failed to win a majority. Eventually, the winner, John Quincy Adams, was selected by the House. Jackson’s supporters were convinced that Henry Clay, another candidate, worked a backroom deal with Adams giving Adams his electoral votes. This became apparent when Adams later chose Clay to be Secretary of State. In 1876 Sam Tilden fell one electoral vote short of the needed majority, but there were 20 electoral votes in dispute in various southern states. Ultimately, a backroom deal was struck giving Rutherford B. Hayes all 20 electoral votes and the election. In return, Hayes agreed to recall all Federal troops that had been occupying the South since the end of the Civil War.. This effectively ended Reconstruction to the long term detriment of the African Americans domiciled there.

Back to the present, there is evidence emerging that the current shenanigans have been going on for some time, at least as far back as the 2016 presidential election. I am not talking about complaints relative to “voter suppression” or mail-in ballots, or “hanging chads.” Those were minor league compared to this, and getting bogged down in those issues now would only serve to obscure the real issues as outlined above. I am referring to things like the Steele dossier, illegally obtained FISA warrants, The Biden family’s numerous and ongoing nefarious “pay to play” bribery and corruption deals with Russia and China, and the suppression of the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. This is NOT just about Hunter Biden, although he may be the focal point. It encompasses President Biden, himself, the “big guy.”

As bad as all of the above is, it is not the whole story, maybe not even the worst part. Although not yet proven, I, for one, am convinced that most of President Biden’s decisions as president have been influenced by his bribery and corruption deals with China and Russia. There is circumstantial evidence to support these quid pro quos. Almost everything he has done or not done, almost every decision he has made or not made has benefited China and/or Russia to the US’s detriment. Below please find just a few examples:

  1. Canceling the Keystone Pipeline. In one fell swoop this took us from energy independence to being supplicants to our enemies for energy. There was no logical justification for this, not one. It didn’t conserve the environment. We still need fossil fuels. They have to come from somewhere. We still need to run our economy; we still need to keep warm in the winter. Only now, we get it by begging our enemies for it. Moreover, this oil has to be transported here by ship, which uses fuel. And it is not as “clean” as our oil. As an added “bonus,” the decision threw tens of thousands of Americans out of work and exacerbated inflation. This was the worst geopolitical decision imaginable. Furthermore, what happens if there is a war, and our enemies cut off our supply?
  2. Allowing Russia to build its own pipeline to Europe. This saved Russia from bankruptcy, enabled it to finance its war with Ukraine, and allowed it to gain control over our NATO allies’ energy sources. In what universe is US-produced oil a threat to the environment but Russian-produced oil is not?
  3. Opening our southern border. This is a very complicated issue with many economic and social facets, but one thing it has undeniably done is facilitate China’s and the Mexican drug cartels’ ability to smuggle in fentanyl and other drugs. According to Google deaths from these drugs has risen to approximately 100,000 per year. For perspective, the US suffered 58,220 deaths in the entire Vietnam War. These drugs are destroying an entire generation of young people.
  4. Failure to aggressively pursue of the source of COVID pandemic outbreak. The pandemic destroyed our economy, turned a presidential election and has caused and will continue to cause untold social and emotional damage. Yet, we still don’t know definitively the source, although most of us strongly suspect it. Biden has demonstrated no desire to find out.


The foregoing is very scary stuff. It would take a 1,000 page book, not a 1,000 word blog, to explain in proper detail all of the examples of this vast conspiracy. It has nothing to do with Dems, the GOP, Trump, “wokeness,” CRT, climate change, or any of the other issues that have been in the news. Those may be important to some, but they are just distractions compared to this.

Regardless of one’s political bent, this story is something that you should be concerned about and follow. So I will ask you, the reader, to pay attention to this story as it unfolds over the next several weeks or months. Don’t just look at your favorite media outlook or social media platform. Check all outlets including, yes, Fox, in order to get a fair and balanced report. Pay attention to the hearings that will (hopefully) be conducted by the various House committees.

Basically, it comes down to do you want to leave your children and grandchildren a strong “America” or a weak “banana republic.” America has never been conquered by external force. Let’s not let it be conquered from within.


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