Super Bowl LVI, (56 for those of you who don’t read Roman numerals), will take place tomorrow, Sunday, February 13, 2022 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA.  The SB is an annual extravaganza.  Many non-football fans watch the game, often at special SB parties.  Some of them have such a good time partying that they skip work the next day.

This year, the contestants will be the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.  Some fans have labelled the Bengals as the “Cindarella” team, but, in reality, both teams were only seeded fourth in their respective conferences. This will be the first time that two number four seeds have met in the SB.

At this time, I think it would be appropriate to test your SB knowledge with a little quiz.

By now, you know the drill.  No peeking at the internet, and no asking “Alexa” or “Siri.”  Good luck.

  1. Which team won the first Super Bowl? (a) Packers, (b) Steelers (c) 49ers, (d) Vikings.
  2. Which team did they defeat? (a) Raiders, (b) Jets, (c) Chiefs, (d) Bills.
  3. This year the scheduled halftime show headline entertainers will include each of the following, EXCEPT: (a)  Eminem, (b) Dr. Dre, (c) Snoop Dog, (d) Adele.
  4. Who is scheduled to sing the National Anthem? (a) Lady Gaga, (b) Mickey Guyton, (c) Jennifer Hudson, (d) Ariana Grande
  5. What is the cost of a 30-second tv commercial? (a) 1 million, (b) $4 million, (c) $7 million, (d) 10 million.
  6.  Which is the only current NFL team that has neither hosted nor appeared in a SB? (a) Browns, (b) Jags, (c) Panthers, (d) Lions
  7.  Which team lost Super Bowls in four consecutive years? (a) Bills), (b) Vikings, (c) Rams, (d) Broncos.
  8.  Who was the only player from the losing team to win a SB MVP? (a) Tom Brady, (b) Roger Staubach, (c) Len Dawson, (d) Chuck Howley.
  9.  Each of the following teams is undefeated in Super Bowls EXCEPT: (a) Jets, (b) Saints, (c) Bucs, (d) Packers
  10.  How many SBs has the team that scores first won? (a) 30, (b) 36, (c) 38, (d) 46.
  11. How many SBs has the team that led at halftime won? (a) 30, (b) 35, (c) 40, (d) 45
  12.  Who scored the first SB touchdown? (a) Boyd Dowler, (b) Paul Hornung, (c) Otis Taylor, (d) Max McGee.
  13.  What player has won the most SB MVPs (a) Eli Manning, (b) Joe Montana, (c) Tom Brady, (d) Terry Bradshaw
  14.  Who made the famous “helmet catch?” (a) Mario Manningham, (b) Randy Moss, (c) David Tyree, (d) Plaxico Burress
  15.  The name “Super Bowl” was derived from (a) a child’s toy, (b) a book, (c) a comic strip, (d) a vote by the fans.
  16.  Which of these teams has appeared in the most SBs without suffering a loss? (a) Jets, (b) Ravens, (c) Chiefs, (d) Dolphins.
  17.  Each of the following teams has not appeared in a SB, EXCEPT (a) Panthers, (b) Lions, (c) Texans, (d) Jags.
  18.  Who was the first QB to win a SB with two different teams? (a) Tom Brady; (b) Terry Bradshaw; (c) Peyton Manning; (d) Bart Starr.
  19.  Who won the only SB decided by one point? (a) Cowboys, (b) Giants, (c) Patriots, (d) Rams.
  20. Which team has played in four SBs and never held a lead? (a) Eagles, (b) Broncos, (c) Vikings, (d) Bengals.


  1. (a); 2. (c) 3.(d) 4. (b); 5. (c); 6. a; 7. (a); 8. (d); 9. (d); 10. (b) 11. (c). 12. (d) (He had not expected to play, had partied extensively the night before, and was hungover during the game.); 13. (c); 14. (c); 15. (a); 16. a; 17.  (a); 18. (c) (Colts and Broncos); 19. (b) (20-19 over the Bills.); 20. (c).

Well, there you have it.  How did you do?

Enjoy the game.

My prediction –  Rams 31 – 27.


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