The latest polls show that President Biden’s approval rating is historically low and sinking fast. For example, the most recent ABC/NY Post poll reported that only 41% of respondents approve of his performance. Perhaps, of greater concern for Dems and their supporters is that the same poll disclosed that if the 2022 congressional elections were to be held today voters would favor the GOP candidate over the Dem candidate 51 – 41%. Bye-bye- House and Senate majorities.

These results are not surprising to me or anyone else who has been paying attention. The real shocker, at least to me, is the 41% who still approve of Biden’s performance to date. I wonder, who are these people? I would love to know the basis upon which they are continuing to support the president. The situation is getting so obviously dire that even many of Biden’s allies in the media are unable to cover for him any more. The empirical evidence is plainly there for anyone and everyone to see. Anyone who buys food, fills their gas tank, heats their home, buys clothes, or orders Christmas gifts, which is virtually everyone, can’t help but see it.

Are they unaware that we slinked out of Afghanistan with our tail between our legs? Are they not aware that we abandoned hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans and “friendlies” who supported us to a fate of torture and death at the hands of the Afghani extremists? Are they unaware that in our hasty and disorganized retreat we abandoned some $80 billion of the most modern and sophisticated weaponry we had? Are they unaware of the increasing boldness of our enemies, such as China, Russia and Iran and the unease and mistrust of our allies, all of whom perceive Biden’s weakness? Did they not see him dozing off at the climate change meetings? Are they unaware of the mess he has made of our economy? Do they not see video evidence of thousands of illegal migrants pouring across our non-existent southern border every day in a steady, unrelenting flood?

So back to my question. Who are the 41%? I have a theory, an opinion. I call them the “whatever” people. They go about their daily lives in a bubble, a bubble of denial. Regardless of what occurs in the world around them they remain unengaged. Inflation? Food shortages? Higher gas prices? Supply chain interruptions? Ho hum. Don’t bother me with all that triviality. I’m busy with my Facebook and Instagram accounts or playing “Call of Duty.” on my iphone. Their attitude is “whatever.” Let someone else deal with it.

Many of these people are so oblivious and tuned out to real life they don’t know basic things like the name of the vice president or when we fought the Revolutionary War. They don’t keep up with the news, have no interest in it, except maybe for the gossip columns or sports. Again, it simply does not concern them. They don’t appreciate that they won the big “birth lottery.” They had the fortune to have been born in the US, rather than one of the many “hell holes” around the world.


So, what will get these people to engage in real life? What will get them to focus on the real problems of the world and be interested in solutions? Your guess is as good as mine. Probably, when things get so bad that they simply cannot be ignored any longer. I don’t know when that will be, but I can tell you in my view we are heading in that direction and more rapidly than you might think.


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