And so, it continues. Every day millions of Americans rush to find out the latest developments of the Afghan debacle. I have tried to describe it, but I cannot find the appropriate words. One of the worst aspects of this is the inconsistent and, at times, contrary messages emanating from those in authority as I will detail below.

Perhaps, the acronym, FUBAR, describes it best. For the uninitiated, FUBAR stands for “f**ked up beyond all recognition.” One would be hard-pressed to deny that this disorderly, disastrous withdrawal is a FUBAR. Steadfast Biden and Dem supporters have either remained silent or tried to dance around the issue like Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly. Furthermore, as I stated in my last blog, I fear the long-term ramifications will be far worse.

The situation remains very fluid, but as I write this, below please find some of the more significant recently-reported developments:

  1. As reported by virtually all major news outlets, including longtime Dem supporter and apologist CNN, and Administration members, such as Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, the situation on the ground remains more dire than President Biden has been reporting to the American people. For example, in one of his rare press conferences Biden stated that there was “no indication” of any Americans being prevented from gaining access to the airport. He is continuing to deny he received any warnings from the State Department, the military or the embassy. He is claiming Al Qaeda is “gone from the country. On the other hand, there have been multiple reports that they are very much a presence. Spokesperson, John Kirby, the Pentagon’s Press Secretary, tried to “walk back” that assertion saying Biden “meant” Al Qaeda was not a “significant ” threat,” but the damage was done. Austin relayed reports from multiple sources of Americans being assaulted, “beaten,” detained, and harassed by the Taliban. Biden is continuing to deny what we can all see with our own eyes. He is either woefully misinformed, is unable to fully grasp the situation, or he is lying directly to the American people. You decide.
  2. CNN and other news outlets have reported interviewing many people who have been stuck at or near the airport for days. Some have been unable to get in due to chaos at the gates. (They’re open; then, some are closed; then they’re open again.) Others have gotten in, but have been unable to fly out for various reasons.
  3. According to USA Today and other news outlets the US Embassy has issued contradictory advisories. First, go to the airport at your own risk as we “cannot guarantee your safety.” Then, don’t go without “individual instructions from a US government representative.” People are fearing for their lives; they are desperate for clarity of guidance; and they get that.
  4. Pentagon officials have told USA that they are continuing to process people “with the proper paperwork,” but there have been multiple reports of people possessing US passports and/or visas being turned away.
  5. In the midst of all this chaos there have been multiple news reports of airplanes flying out with empty seats.
  6. At times, the gates have been closed. Why? It seems that Qatar, which had been accepting refugees declared it could not take any more.
  7. The US military finally sprung into action, rescuing, by helicopter, 169 Americans who had been trapped in a hotel only yards from the airport. Great news, but it was a very minor victory. Also, British and French troops have been rescuing their own citizens for days, while our soldiers have been ordered to “stand down.”
  8. The Pentagon told CNN it has successfully evacuated 14,000 people since the end of July. Biden has characterized this as “one of the largest, most difficult airlifts in history.” That sounds good, but it is far fewer than the military’s own stated goal of “5,000 to 9,000 … a day.” Moreover, Biden stated we should anticipate that all American citizens will be evacuated by the end of August. Good luck with that. There are reported to be tens of thousands more people still in-country, including Americans, allied Afghanis whom we swore to protect from retribution, and their families. No one, not embassy personnel, not the State Department and definitely not the Administration knows who they are, how many there are, and where they are. As I have said, in my opinion, we will not know who and how many have been left behind until they turn up on Al Jazeera being tortured or beheaded.
  9. The BBC and multiple other news outlets have been reporting that Taliban soldiers are going door to door seeking to exact retribution against Afghani “collaborators” and their family members. Those who have not gotten out are in hiding.
  10. There continues to be what CNN and others have characterized as an “international outcry” over the US’s handling not of the decision to end the war, but of the evacuation, itself. I have not found one positive statement from any world leader or member of the international media.


,According to USA Today, Senator Mark Warner, Chairman if the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Rep Adam Smith, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, both Dems, have signaled their intention to hold hearings on the matter. That would be fine, if they follow through. We’ll see.

Currently, Biden is taking a lot of criticism for this situation and rightly so. According to the latest Reuters poll his approval rating is down to 46%. In addition, there have been multiple reports of a “red wave” in 2022. However, the public has a short memory, especially regarding politics. For example, the September 11, 2012 attack on our diplomatic compound in Benghazi was a huge story in the months leading up to the 2012 presidential election. The outcry over four Americans being killed was fierce. But, at this point it has been largely forgotten, superseded by other events. How many of the four Americans can you name? Can you name any? This is not meant to be a criticism, just reality. See answer below.

The 2022 elections are over a year away. A lot can and will happen in that time, both good and bad for Biden. By then this may all be a distant memory. The primary issues will likely be COVID and the economy.

UNLESS, as I said above, we see public torturing and/or beheadings of Americans left behind. Remember, one of the primary reasons for Reagan’s victory over Carter in 1980 was the continued issue of the US hostages in Iran.

Quiz answer: Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith and CIA operatives Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.


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