As any trial lawyer knows, there is a significant difference between suspecting or even “knowing” something to be true and being able to prove it in a court of law. Often, there are unmistakable suspicions or signs that something occurred, but any actual proof has been obscured or destroyed. Such is the case in the 2020 presidential election.

During the election and in its aftermath several obvious anomalies surfaced. Some of them appear to have risen to the level of actual fraud. I have outlined these anomalies in previous post-election blogs, and I see no need to repeat them now. Suffice to say that these anomalies have motivated the Trump Team to challenge the results in several battleground states, which they have done and are continuing to do. Let’s be clear. Even if one despises Trump one should not and cannot deny his constitutional right to pursue these claims.

The Trump Team has gathered hundreds of affidavits from election workers, observers, checkers, and other witnesses and presented them to various elections officials and courts. No one is seeking to disenfranchise anyone who has voted legally. It is the illegal votes that they are seeking to have thrown out.

As of yet, none of those venues has seen fit to give the Trump Team’s proof any credibility. Generally, their response has been some version of “where is the proof” as if a sworn affidavit under penalty of perjury is not “proof.” Don’t they realize these aforementioned affiants have put their credibility, their reputation, and even their physical safety on the line? Do they even care, or are they just bound and determined to ignore any information that would cast doubt on the election results? I hesitate to accuse these election officials and local judges of being corrupt, but it certainly seems that they are at least biased or incompetent.

Yes, it is true that the states in question have authorized and, in some cases, have completed recounts. It is also true that none of those recounts has “flipped” any states. Of course, not. These recounts were merely window-dressing. The core issues were not addressed. The same duplicate votes, votes of deceased people, late votes and improperly/incomplete/fraudulent mail-in ballots that were counted originally, were recounted. Why wouldn’t the results be unchanged? What was needed, what is needed, is a forensic audit of the ballots that would identify and eliminate the fraudulent ones. That has not happened and likely never will. By now, much of the incriminating evidence has been destroyed.

Post-election observation and analysis has disclosed various additional anomalies, which, though not proof that would stand up in a court of law, are suspicious and strain credulity, such as:

  1. According to the Federalist Trump would be the first incumbent president to gain votes and lose re-election since Grover Cleveland in 1892.
  2. The Federalist also reported that Biden would be the first winner to lose both Ohio and Florida in 60 years.
  3. The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump won 18 of 19 bellwether counties across the US that have “picked” every president since 1980.
  4. Biden underperformed Clinton in various Dem strongholds, such as NYC, Chicago and LA, yet he exceeded her vote total in cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Detroit and Milwaukee located in swing states. Overall, he received 80 million votes, which exceeded Obama’s and Clinton’s totals by some 15 million.
  5. Biden underperformed Clinton among AA voters, except in swing states.
  6. The GOP won all the down-ballot House races that had been rated as toss-ups plus some others.
  7. According to Blaze in PA the rejection rate on mail-in ballots due to questionable signatures was .38% compared to 1% in 2016.
  8. Last, but not least, there are many questions surrounding the reliability of the Dominion voting machines, which had led several states not to use them.


The end-game for the Trump Team has always been to get a hearing before the Supreme Court. The SC has weighed in on previous elections, such as the 2000 contest between Gore and Bush. Hopefully, it will do so again. Even if the SC is not able or does not care to correct the anomalies and fraud that many believe characterized the 2020 election, perhaps, it will require the state legislatures to implement changes that will render future elections more equitable. Otherwise, we may never have another free and fair national election again.

Unfortunately, the real loser will not be Mr. Trump. It will not be the millions of supporters who voted for him. It will be the country, itself. As I have said many times, the cornerstone of America is the belief that our elections are free, fair and legitimate. Historically, there have been many controversial elections, but the people have always accepted the results and moved on.

That may not happen this year. This year there are too many anomalies. Taken individually, these anomalies may be explainable. But, when viewed in their entirety they demonstrate a compelling pattern.

Post-election polls have demonstrated that an already divided country has been seriously fractured. Some 73 million people voted for Trump. That is a huge number. In fact, it is more votes than any previous WINNER. A recently-released CNBC/Change Research poll has disclosed that 73% of them think that Trump was the actual winner and the election was somehow “stolen” from him. Approximately, 66% of those voters think Trump should “never concede” to Biden, and 81% of them say they are “not willing to give Biden a chance as president.”

Folks, that is a deep and serious divide. As usual, the press has been mindlessly biased against Trump. It has refused to recognize his right to pursue these legal venues. It has accused him of failing to recognize the “reality” of the situation – that he lost. It has even blamed him for the current post-election controversy and deep divide. In my view, that is very destructive.

I believe that if this matter is not resolved fairly and legally, if half of the electorate remains convinced that Biden was not the legitimate winner it will seriously hamper his Administration’s ability to govern. It should not be discounted just because Trump supporters are not rioting in the streets and destroying property. I say, cease mocking and belittling the dissatisfied Trump voters and at least let the legal process play out. Give them their “day in court.” Even then, the matter may never be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, but hopefully, eventually, the nation will be able to get past this and move on.


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