Well the election is over and the people have spoken, sort of. I believe the above title is an apt metaphor for the result. More on that later.

 As I write this, in the minds of many voters the election results are still up in the air. President Trump has still not conceded, and President-elect Biden is forging ahead as if it’s a done deal. Moreover, the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits challenging the results in various states. These are still pending but the likelihood of the courts taking significant action is very unlikely. Die-hard Trump supporters will always be convinced the election was “stolen” by Dems’ shenanigans with a big assist from the mainstream media, and they may be right. There were some odd occurrences in some of the battleground states particularly in PA, NE, MI and AZ, but I don’t think the recounts and the legal challenges will result in a changed outcome.

So, who really won? Who benefitted?

1. Not those who work in the oil, gas, auto, and related industries many of whom will lose their livelihoods as the Green New Deal gets phased in.
2. Not the members of the vast unskilled labor pool who will face increased competition from illegals who will be permitted, if not encouraged, to pour across our southern border unfettered by laws, restrictions and physical barriers.
3. Not advocates of security.
4. Not the police who will be handcuffed by overly stringent rules of engagement and defunding at an increasing rate.
5. Not advocates of freedom of speech who will be subjected to accelerating restrictions and censorship.

6. Not advocates of the second amendment which will be chipped away at the edges until it will be severely weakened.
7. Not the advocates of right to life who will see abortions performed on viable fetuses right up to and perhaps past the moment of birth.

8. Not those who support Israel who will see an administration indifferent, if not hostile, to the plight of our only reliable ally in the volatile Middle East and Jews in general. I expect that one of Biden’s first acts will be to reinstitute the Iran Deal in some form.
9. And not the average citizen rich and poor, black and white, liberal moderate and conservative who will pay the higher taxes that will be needed to raise the money to pay for all these grandiose misguided policies of the radical left. 

So who won?  Not you and not me.

1. Those who drank the CNN and MSNBC Kool-aid and hated President Trump with such an irrational passion that they were willing, no eager, to cut off their nose to spite their face. Many of them were unaware of or ignored the issues.

2. The coastal elites who look down on the rest of us from their ivory towers and their gated communities with 24 X 7 security.
3.. The deep state, or swamp as some call it.

4. China, Iran, North Korea and other foreign actors who hate us and our way of life who now will be able to deal with Biden instead of Trump.   


I predict that the American way of life, the unique and beautiful system promulgated by our Forefathers some 250 years ago, that millions of Americans have fought and died for, has changed irrevocably, and not for the better. Change will likely be gradual. It might be delayed if the GOP can manage to win one or both of the run-off elections in Georgia and retain control of the Senate.

Most of us will probably not even realize it, but it will be inexorable and irreversible. In 10, 20 or 50 years people will look around and wonder how we got there. They will wonder, “what happened in 2020?” ” What were our grandparents thinking?”

Yes, you got what you wanted. The “demonic, orange Hitler,” the “crude, lewd meanie” is gone. But as they say, “be careful what you wish for.” You have gotten the government you deserve

Yes, Bye Bye Miss American pie. Bye Bye America as we know it. Hello Venezuela.

Postscript: By now, most of you have heard that today Pfizer announced that its COVID vaccine has been 90% successful in its latest trial. We are likely only months away from a viable, effective mass-produced vaccine. Hooray for us!

It appears that President Trump’s optimism with respect to a vaccine was right all along. It’s a shame he won’t get the credit.



  1. I read your blog and cried for all we have lost. I’m so angry with all those stupid Democrats who can’t even give me a good reason why they voted for Biden. I’m one of the lucky ones, living in Fl in a gated community with guards who carry guns. I don’t want to live this way! My heart is broken. I didn’t love Trump, I loved what he said he would do and he kept his word! Unfortunately we will all suffer with this new administration. I’m still praying that things might change, but am Realistic that it’s a done deal! I will now live in a bubble, trying to survive , not watching the news, reading the paper, only watching the Hallmark channel. I can’t afford to get sick and I can’t live on tranquilizers.
    Thank you. You hit the nail on the head.

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