Okay, President Trump has developed a case of COVID. As I write this he seems to be doing well, as well as can be expected given his age and obesity. He is getting the best of care by a team of a dozen or more doctors and healthcare workers. He is being treated with a cocktail of the most effective therapeutics of which we are aware, and the virus was caught early.

The White House has announced he will be discharged from Walter Reed today. By the time you read this he will likely be back there. Of course, he will continue to receive his medications and be monitored closely. Regardless of political affiliation most people have been wishing him a speedy and full recovery. Of course, there have been some exceptions. Some commentators on the “fake news” networks have been gloating and actually saying they hope he dies, but we need not waste time and space discussing those morons.

Has he treated the CV in a cavalier manner by not wearing a mask when prudence dictated he should have? Yes. Did it contribute to his catching the CV? Probably. Was it ill-advised for members of his family not to wear a mask during the debate, particularly since they were shown on national tv? Yes. Has the mask issue become a big distraction from other important campaign issues? Yes. Was the whole mask issue an example of his arrogance and disdain for his safety and others around him, including those who attended his rallies? Many people think so. I wouldn’t go that far, but it certainly is bad optics, and it has handed the Dems a campaign issue. Should it be a reason not to vote for him in the election? NO!

The basic fundamentals and issues have not changed. The mask issue should not cancel out all the good Mr. Trump has accomplished. I have detailed his accomplishments in previous blogs, but perhaps, a refresher is called for at this time. So, below please find a partial list of his most significant accomplishments:

  1. He has brokered peace deals between Israel and various Arab Middle East countries, the first time in a long time anyone has been able to do so, as well as between Serbia and Kosovo. Few thought this was possible. These efforts have earned him two Nobel Peace Prize nominations. TWO.
  2. He has decimated, if not totally destroyed, ISIS. Do you remember the many beheadings and terror attacks we were forced to watch on tv during the Obama-Biden Administration? Do you remember the Caliphate virtually taking over the Middle East? Not any more.
  3. Under his watch America has increased oil and gas production through fracking and other means enabling us to achieve energy independence. We are no longer under the economic thumb of OPEC.
  4. He brought thousands of jobs back to America, which few thought was possible, and he built the best economy in our lifetimes with record low unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics, women and teenagers before the CV pandemic forced him to shut it down.
  5. He is fulfilling his promise to build a wall across our southern border to reduce illegal immigration and enhance our security from terrorism, drugs and crime.
  6. He has dealt firmly with our enemies, including Iran, North Korea, Russia and, most of all, China, causing them to respect the US once again.
  7. He has enhanced our military preparedness, brought troops home, and been a strong advocate for veterans and veteran benefits.
  8. He has been a strong advocate for and defender of the police, ICE, and first responders.
  9. He has nominated three Supreme Court justices, two of which have already been approved, and the third likely will be, and appointed hundreds of lower level federal judges, all of which share the philosophy of interpreting the Constitution as written.
  10. In addition to providing jobs he has helped Blacks by championing a prison reform bill and providing aid to historically Black colleges.
  11. He has been a strong supporter of Israel and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, a largely symbolic but nevertheless significant gesture.


The foregoing is but the highlights of his accomplishments. Many of them have been targeted specifically toward helping minorities and the disadvantaged.

He has accomplished more in four years than almost any other president in history, all while battling a hostile media and a non-cooperative House. Certainly, he has accomplished more that Biden has in 47 years.

Your vote should not be based solely on his not wearing a mask and catching the CV. It should not be influenced by the havoc caused by a virus over which he had no control. It should be based on his overall record. Has he made your life better or worse these past four years.

This election is too important for voters to be swayed by this one issue. It is truly a choice between Capitalism and Socialism. Yes, COVID is scary and life-threatening, but at some point we will find a cure, and it will be a distant memory. On the other hand, voting for the GND and Socialism will have long-lasting ramifications for the country politically, economically and socially.

The moderate Biden of the eighties and nineties is long gone. The current Biden is totally under the control of a cadre of Socialists. If you doubt me, Google The Green New Deal and read my previous blogs in which I describe it. Harris, one of its staunchest advocates, is a Socialist in disguise who could not even draw double digits from Dem voters in the primaries.

Ignore the “white noise” being spewed by the pundits and the pseudo “experts” on the “fake news” channels. Vote for Capitalism. Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will thank you.


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