For the past several weeks we have been “treated” to a partial preview of life under a country controlled by the Dems.  They already control the House, and there is a strong possibility that after the upcoming election they will have gained control of the presidency and the Senate as well.  We don’t have to guess how life would change under a Dem-controlled country.  The empirical evidence is there, plain as day, for all to see.

Their presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, echoing the comments of the more radical fringe of his Party, has told us they intend to “transform” America into a lawless, socialist country that would be unrecognizable.  Based on what we have seen during the past several months I think we would be wise to take them at their word.

A sneak peek of sorts is available right now in the cities that are under complete Dem control.  Look at the grinding poverty, the hopelessness, and, above all, the wanton, indiscriminate violence.  I have published several blogs regarding the Dems agenda for America in the recent past, and there is no need to rehash it all now.  If you are interested you can follow the advice of the late Casey Stengel and “look it up.”

In this blog, I would like to focus on the wanton violence in many cities, which are and have been under the complete control of the Dems, in some cases, for decades.  I have not heard of any cities under the total control of the GOP with similar problems.  The Dem politicians have not demonstrated the desire or the ability to control the violence, nor any desire to protect their law-abiding citizens and their property, nor to improve their lives in any way.  Instead they either ignore the lawlessness or, worse, aid and abet it.  In my opinion, this is a microcosm of how America would look under the total control of the Dems.

A few of the more egregious examples of disorder and violence as reported in the NY Times, Washington Post, ABC News, Fox News, and various other news media outlets:

  1. Seattle – Rioters (which much of the media insists on mischaracterizing as “protesters” or “activists”) took over a six-square block in the middle of the city and created their own independent “entity” – CHAZ or CHOP.   Jay Inslee and Jenny Durkan, the clueless and gutless Washington State governor and Seattle mayor, respectively, did nothing.  In their alternate reality it was a zone of “love” and “peace,” until, that is, the rapes, murders and other crimes commenced.
  2. NYC – On July 5 there were 30 shootings, including ten fatalities.  Over the last month shootings were triple the total of last year’s.  The lawlessness was exacerbated by the inane “no bail” law, which was recently enacted by Governor Cuomo and the NYS legislature.  This enabled criminals to commit a crime and be back on the street the same day.  This, combined with liberal prosecutors and judges and policies that hamper the police, has created a perfect environment for criminals to operate with impunity, and they have been.  Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio have not taken any effective action to resolve this situation.
  3. Chicago – Over the July 4th weekend there were 79 shootings, including 15 fatalities.  Over Father’s Day weekend in excess of 100 persons were shot with 14 fatalities.  Chicago has been the murder capital of the country for years despite having very strict gun control laws.  All these laws have accomplished has been to hamper the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.  They have done little or nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining guns.  Mayor Lightfoot is in denial.  In her latest press release she insisted that any discussion of the violence was, you guessed it, “racist.”
  4.  Over the same weekend Philadelphia suffered 34 shootings and nine fatalities.
  5.  Other major cities, such as Washington, DC, Atlanta and San Francisco, reported similar numbers.  According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution 93 people were shot in Atlanta between May 31 and June 27, double the amount during the same period last year.
  6. Even worse than the number of shootings and deaths was the fact that many of the victims were children.   Even though all lives matter, I maintain that it is especially sad when the victim is a child.  So, I would like to mention some of them to put a name to the mere statistic.  Note the ages of the victims: (a) Aavielle Wakefield – five months old, (b) King Carter – six, (c) Aiden McLendon – 22 months, (d) Ramon Burnett – five, (e) Major Howard – three, (f) Natalie Wallace – 7, (g) Chase Young -six, and (h) Secoriea Turner – 8.  Remember these names.  They are just as important as George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, or any other victim whose death received a copious amount of publicity.  There were many more victims, but time and space preclude me from listing them all.  As reported in the media, each of these was innocently minding his own business – playing in the yard, enjoying a birthday party or barbeque, sitting in their house or walking down the street – things that all children, including yours and mine, do every day.
  7.  As far as I know, all of these shootings were “black on black” crimes.  I am not aware of any that were not, and I’m sure the media would have reported it.  Statistics show that few blacks are killed by whites, and fewer still are killed by white cops.  Yet those are the ones we always hear about.

In a press conference with reporters Turner’s father sobbed “you killed your own. … You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody.” In his grief, he hit the nail on the head.  Blacks are killing their own neighbors, mostly poor blacks.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms echoed the sentiment.  “The reality is this: These [murders] aren’t police officers shooting people on the streets of Atlanta.  These are members of the [same] community shooting each other.”  The mainstream media ignores or downplays this because it doesn’t not fit their narrative.


The violence is escalating.   It is no coincidence that this has occurred in conjunction with the movement to defund the police.  Cops  have been vilified to such an extent that many of them are wary about doing their job.  They fear criticism and retribution from a hostile City Hall, the public and the media.  Many have taken early retirement.  Others have been calling in sick.

Intelligent people know that defunding the police is a recipe for disaster on many levels.  It could be the worst policy I have seen in my lifetime.  We are now seeing the first installment of the policy.  It will only get worse.  Responses to 911 calls will be delayed or ignored.  Delays mean fatalities.  Recently, Mark and Patricia McCloskey got a taste of this when a mob threatened them, their house and even their dog.  They called 911.  No response.  No help.  Luckily, they owned weapons.  They brandished them in front of the mob, and it dispersed.  But, what if they hadn’t owned any weapons?  Bye-bye house.  Bye-bye dog.  Bye-bye them.

In the future, I believe historians will look back with incredulity that our political leaders could allow this to happen.  They just don’t care.  They are not sufficiently motivated to solve the problem.  Most of them live in gated communities with 24X7 security, often at taxpayer expense.  If not for that, if they had to live like us, they might be more receptive to the problem.

Bob Woodson founder and president of the Woodson Institute and a 50+ year veteran of the civil rights movement, concurs.  He told Fox News that the increased violence is the continuation of a ten-year trend.  He characterized poor blacks as “collateral damage.”

I agree.  It’s sad to say, and I hate to say it, but no one seems to care.  The gang members, drug dealers and other criminal elements prey on law-abiding citizens with impunity.   The politicians who run the cities talk a good game, but that is about it.  They promise to improve matters so they can get re-elected, and they do year after year.  Once they are, they don’t do anything to improve living conditions.

And, by the way, where are the Black Lives Matter advocates, the gun control lobby, presumptive Dem nominee, Joe Biden, and the other politicians, the media, and the race baiters?  Where’s Reverend Al?  On the sidelines and strangely silent.  That’s where.  How come none of them has stepped up to condemn the violence, the murder of innocent little children.  Apparently, for them, BLM only applies when a white cop kills a black person.  Other than President Trump we have heard nary a peep.   Everyone else is afraid to criticize the violence for fear of being labeled a racist.  Cowards all.

The number one responsibility of our elected officials is protect us and maintain law and order.  Those who fail to do so must be replaced.  That is what elections are for.




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