Most of you are familiar with the children’s fairy tale, “The Emperor Has No clothes.”  For those of you who may not be, the gist of the story is that the emperor is very proud of his new clothes.  He wears them in public to show them off to everyone.  In reality, he is naked, but no one has the courage to acknowledge it.  Instead, they ignore his nudity, pretend he has clothes on, and tell him how great he looks in them.  Finally, one person, a little girl, blurts out the honest truth that the emperor has no clothes on whereupon everybody finally acknowledges the truth.

That, my friends, is what we are seeing now with Joe Biden.  Any objective person can readily ascertain that Biden has “lost a step,” maybe two or three.   He has always been prone to gaffes, but now they are more frequent and serious.  He forgets what day it, where he is, what office he is running for, tells us emphatically that guns killed “150 MILLION” people last year, and mixes up his wife and sister.  No one seems to want to admit it, not his campaign staff, not his supporters, not the Dem Party leaders, not the mainstream media, and, most importantly, not most of the general public.

Things are so bad that his handlers have limited his campaign speeches to seven minutes or so.  Moreover, they are seeking approval for him to use a chair to sit on in the next debate.  I suppose the theory is that the less he speaks, the less the chance that he would utter a damaging gaffe.

Meanwhile, Biden continues to rack up the endorsements.  The first significant endorsement, and the one that is generally viewed as the one that turned the tide was South Carolina Senator and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn.  It came on the eve of the SC primary.  Until then, Biden’s campaign had been floundering seriously.  He was running short of money, and he was being attacked mercilessly by the other candidates.  It looked like Sanders had the inside track to the nomination.  Biden had suffered through disappointing losses in Iowa and New Hampshire.  In NH he hadn’t even bothered to stay to the end of the night to thank his supporters who had labored long and hard for him for months.  Instead, he left early to campaign in SC.

Following Clyburn’s endorsement Biden won big in SC.  He might have won anyway, but the Clyburn endorsement had to have helped significantly.  Suddenly, “Old Mo” was on Biden’s side.  Klobuchar, Bloomberg and Buttigieg dropped out and endorsed him.  Warren stayed in the race, which likely benefited him by syphoning off votes from Sanders.

He cleaned up on “Super Tuesday” and followed up with resounding victories on “mini Super Tuesday.”  Now, the money and endorsements are pouring in.  Except for Sanders and Elizabeth  Warren, all of Biden’s major former opponents have endorsed him.  Moreover, the DNC and Party insiders are in his corner.  Now, it is Biden who looks unstoppable.

As I write this, the nomination is his to lose.  He leads in the delegate count 846-684 (a misleadingly large lead since most of the remaining states will be awarding delegates proportionally rather than winner-take-all; the demographics of the upcoming states favor him, particularly Florida; and finally, he is perceived to have the best chance of defeating President Trump in the general.


But, is Biden’s sudden rise a good thing for America.  Nobody wants to talk about it, but Joe does not seem mentally competent.  Even Sanders has been reluctant to raise the issue.

Can we/should we elect a man who seems incapable of governing effectively?  The issue of his incompetence is not being discussed anywhere, except on Fox News.  It is being assiduously ignored, just like in the aforementioned children’s fable.  Except, this is real life, folks.

In my opinion, the “deep state,” Party insiders and their allies in the media are fully aware of Biden’s condition.  But they have their reasons for ignoring it:

  1.  Their overriding obsession is to defeat Donald Trump no matter what the cost and the impact  on America, and they realize that there is no other candidate who can.  Mr. Trump has been their worst nightmare.  He is uncontrollable, and he has been successful.  He has “called them out,” and he has taken away their absolute power and influence.  They want it back in the worst way, and they will do anything to get it (even support a candidate they know is incompetent).  Presidents come and go every four or eight years, but the “deep state” is more or less permanent.
  2. Biden is a “good soldier” who can be controlled by the “deep state.”  As president, he would dutifully follow the guidance of his advisors, including and especially his vice president.  He would not make waves.
  3. He would be unlikely to seek a second term, in which case the vice president or some other loyal party person would hopefully ascend to the presidency.  This would be the VP whom the insiders had secretly selected in the proverbial “smoke-filled room.”
  4. Even better, he might not even finish his first term.   No matter.  Trump would be gone, and the “deep state” would be back in business.

What America needs is people to speak up, like that little girl, and tell the electorate that Biden, figuratively, “has no clothes.”


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