Super Bowl LIV, (54 for those of you who don’t read Roman numerals), will take place tomorrow, Sunday, February 2, 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.  The SB is an annual extravaganza.  Many non-football fans watch the game, often at special SB parties.  This year, the contestants will be the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.   At this time, I think it would be appropriate to test your SB knowledge with a little quiz.

By now, you know the drill.  No peeking at the internet, and no asking “Alexa” or “Siri.”  Good luck.

  1. Counting this one, how many SBs will the Miami area have hosted? (a) 2, (b) 4 (c) 6, (d) 8.
  2. The halftime show headline entertainers will be Jennifer Lopez and? (a)  Jay Z, (b)  Selena Gomez, (c) Ariana Grande, (d) Shakira.
  3. The face value of tickets range from $950 to $5,000, although if you want to buy a ticket on the open market expect to pay significantly more.  What was the top price for tickets to SB I? (a) $10, (b) $12), (c) $100, (d) $1,000.
  4.  Which is the only current NFL team that has neither hosted nor appeared in a SB? (a) Browns, (b) Jags, (c) Panthers, (d) Lions
  5.  How many sitting presidents have attended a SB? (a) 0, (b) 1, (c) 2, (d) 5
  6.  Who was the only player from the losing team to win a SB MVP? (a) Tom Brady, (b) Roger Staubach, (c) Len Dawson, (d) Chuck Howley
  7.  The 49ers have won five SBs.  If they win Sunday they will tie which team for the most wins?  (a) Colts, (b) Bills, (c) Steelers, (d) Cowboys
  8.  Who is the only starting QB to win a SB with two different teams? (a) Peyton Manning, (b) Bret Favre, (c) Joe Montana, (d) Jim Kelly
  9.  According to the US Department of Agriculture SB Sunday is the US’s second highest food consumption day.  Which day is first? (a) Mother’s Day, (b) Thanksgiving, (c) Christmas, (d) New Years.
  10.  Who scored the first SB touchdown? (a) Boyd Dowler, (b) Paul Hornung, (c) Otis Taylor, (d) Max McGee.
  11.  What player has won the most SB MVPs (a) Eli Manning, (b) Joe Montana, (c) Tom Brady, (d) Terry Bradshaw
  12.  Who was the only QB to both throw and catch a touchdown pass in the same game? (a) Tom Brady, (b) Steve Young, (c) Nick Foles, (d) Fran Tarkenton
  13.  Who made the famous “helmet catch?” (a) Mario Manningham, (b) Randy Moss, (c) David Tyree, (d) Plaxico Burress
  14.  Which team made four consecutive appearances in the SB? (a) Bills, (b) Patriots, (c) Cowboys, (d) Steelers
  15.  Which team has appeared in the most SBs without suffering a loss? (a) Jets, (b) Ravens, (c) Chiefs, (d) Dolphins
  16.  Each of the following teams has not appeared in a SB, EXCEPT (a) Bengals, (b) Lions, (c) Texans, (d) Jags
  17. The 49ers current SB winning streak is how many games. (a) 2, (b) 3, (c) 4, (d) 5?
  18.  How many teams have played in a SB in their own stadium? (a) 0, (b) 1, (c) 2, (d) 4.
  19.  Who won the only SB decided by one point? (a) Cowboys, (b) Giants, (c) Patriots, (d) Rams.
  20. The 49ers have won five SBs in six appearances.  To whom did they lose? (a) Ravens, (b) Patriots, (c) Giants, (d) Steelers).


  1. (c); 2. (d) (Are we rooting for a wardrobe malfunction?); 3. (b) (And they did not sell out.); 4. (a); 5. (a); 6. d; 7. (c); 8. (a); 9. (b); 10. (d) (He had not expected to play, had partied extensively the night before, and was hungover during the game.); 11. (c); 12. (c); 13. (c); 14. (a); 15. (d); 16. a; 17.  (d); 18.  (a); 19. (b) (20-19 over the Bills.); 20.  (a)

Well, there you have it.  How did you do?

Enjoy the game.

My prediction –  SF 38 – KC 34



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