Raise your hand if you’ve had enough.  Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of this banal and specious process.  Raise your hand if you are truly glued to your TV day after day.  Raise your hand if you wish they would just get on with this, get to the vote already. The tv ratings are low.  People would rather watch their daytime “soaps.”

The more one watches the Dems’ drivel, the more one realizes there is no case,  There never has been.  It’s like listening to a broken record.  Their latest point is that Mr. Trump is a “tool” of Russia.  How absurd is that?  Absolutely no evidence has been presented to support that claim.  If anyone was in the Russians’ pocket it was the Clintons.  It was Bill who was getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a speech.  It was the Clinton foundation that received millions of dollars in “donations.”  Miraculously, both of these dried up after she lost.  And let’s not forget the bogus and discredited Trump dossier that Clinton’s campaign cooked up with Russian collusion.

Mr. Trump has committed no impeachable offense.  There has been no evidence that he obstructed anyone or anything, nor that he withheld foreign aid to pressure the Ukraine into investigating Hunter Biden.  On the other hand, there is video of Joe Biden bragging how he coerced Ukraine’s former president into firing the former investigator who was investigating Hunter.  Neither the Dems nor the mainstream media seem to be the least bit interested in that.

Indeed, Mr. Trump’s only “crime” was winning the 2016 election, which was supposed to go to Hillary Clinton.  He wasn’t supposed to win.  The mainstream media told us so.  All the “experts” told us so.  The polls told us so.  In their eyes, the fact that he did win had to be the result of some underhanded and nefarious actions by someone.  Who? Aha!  It had to have been the Russians, the Dems favorite boogeyman.  Forget the fact that after three years no concrete proof has come to light to support that assertion.  What else could it have been.  It couldn’t have been that the majority of American voters simply preferred Trump to Clinton?  Could it?

Let’s just hold the vote already, give Mr. Trump his acquittal, which is obvious and inevitable, and move on with the business of the country, to the real issues people care about.  Be honest with yourself.   Wouldn’t you rather that the Congress deal with the economy, infrastructure, border security, the opioid epidemic, terrorism, healthcare, income inequality, student loan debt, and other real matters.

The only ones who don’t “get it” are the esteemed members of the mainstream media.  If you can bear to watch CNN or MSNBC you will be astounded by their praise of Adam Schiff and the other Dem impeachment managers.  You will be wondering what they are watching.  It’s certainly not what the rest of us are.  According to them, their speeches were “brilliant,” “masterful,” and “virtuoso.”  “Puleeease!”  Are they really that dumb, or do they think we are?


As time goes on, it has become more and more obvious that the Dems’ real endgame is to damage Mr. Trump enough to win the 2020 election.  I and many others have been saying this from the beginning.  They have come to realize that they cannot win it fairly, especially with the current cast of characters vying for the nomination, so they are getting desperate.

Their biggest nightmare is that Sanders either wins the nomination or wins enough delegates to block anyone else from a majority.  It could happen.  Well, there is always “you know who” waiting in the wings hoping for a brokered convention.  A Clinton-Trump rematch.  Wouldn’t that be “sweet.”  The only thing worse than losing once is losing twice.



  1. Oops. “ It couldn’t have been that the majority of American voters simply preferred Trump to Clinton? ”. Uh. They DIDN’T! Clinton received 2.87 million more votes than Trump did.

    Overall, obviously, I’m not on your page. To distill-I’m on the one where facts -those stubborn things -matter. So, you lost me at he above nonfact. Sorry. Still friends!

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