In my view, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is about to lead the House Dems off a political cliff.  For the better part of three years, Pelosi, who is generally recognized as a politically savvy leader, had insisted that impeachment should not go forward until and unless there were “bi-partisan support” for it.  That position made sense politically, morally and constitutionally.  Recently, however, she has changed her position, and commenced to support impeachment.  As most of you know, the decisive vote regarding impeachment is scheduled for tomorrow.

Why did she do it?  Why would such a politically savvy leader make such a blunder?  Blind hatred for President Trump?  Perhaps.  Did the recent telephone call between Messrs. Trump and Zelensky sway her even though the transcript of the call did not, in the eyes of most people, demonstrate any clearly impeachable activity?  Maybe.  Did she finally succumb to the far left coastal twitter wing of the party?  Possibly.  I think it was probably some combination of the three.

In any event, by following this path she will likely be sacrificing the political careers of the 31 moderate House Dems who won districts in 2018 that Mr. Trump had carried in 2016.  How?  By pressuring them to vote in favor of impeachment even though everyone knows there is ZERO chance of securing a conviction in the Senate.  ZERO, ZILTCH, NADA, NONE!   Polls show that most of those aforementioned voters are likely to return to Mr. Trump in 2020.

Folks, the House impeachment process is just for “show.”  It will not accomplish anything except to placate the Trump-haters.

In an interesting sidebar, one House Dem, Jeff Van Drew, is so opposed to impeachment that he has announced his intention to switch parties and vote against it.  Van Drew is one of the abovementioned 31 Dems.  He represents a “swing” district in southern NJ that is moderate to conservative.  His own statewide polling has indicated he is unpopular among his constituency and would face a tough primary fight, so switching parties makes sense politically.  He was one of two Dems who voted against the impeachment inquiry in October.

His action has been widely controversial.   The Dem Governor of NJ, Phil Murphey accused him of choosing “his political career over our Constitution.”  Moreover, several of his staff members have resigned in protest.  On the other hand,  President Trump supported his action, tweeting that it was “very smart.”  Furthermore, GOP National Committee spokeswoman, Mandi Merritt said Van Drew’s action illustrated the “political risk” of voting for impeachment.  She added, “even Dems know this entire impeachment witch hunt is a sham.  It is clear that in today’s rabid Dem Party, moderates need not apply.”

In my opinion, Van Drew is following his conscience, which I wish more Dems would do.  I don’t mean they should switch parties.  That is a drastic and unusual action.  Rather, if they truly oppose impeachment they should have the courage to vote against it.


As I have said in previous blogs following this impeachment process is like watching an automobile crash in slow motion.   You can see what will happen, but you are powerless to stop it.  One can only sit back and watch it happen.  Moderate Dems cannot be happy.  with the way this has played out; GOPers are ecstatic.

As this goes  on, it is becoming more likely not only that Mr. Trump will win re-election but that the GOP may very well recapture the House.  For your information, a “USA Today”/Suffolk University poll out just today became the first poll to report Mr. Trump beating every Dem candidate nationally, thus confirming a prediction that I and many others have been stating for months.  Keep it up, Dems.




  1. Check out Frank Bruni’s Op Ed in today’s NY Times. My comment for you is “what he said.” You’ll enjoy it. I promise.

    All the joys of the season to you all. (Notwithstanding the preferred greeting of Trump, Gorsuch and Tucker Carlson, I continue to find it thoughtless to assume Christianity😀.)

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