Apparently, there is a new game in NYC. Like many other inane activities, it has gone viral, and it will likely spread to other cities and towns. It is called “douse the police officer with a bucket of water, and run away while an accomplice records the attack hoping to trigger an episode of fake police brutality.”

These incidents have been reported by multiple media outlets. I saw and read about them on Fox News, various on-line media outlets, and the NY Times. I don’t have words to describe this adequately. Disgraceful, appalling, reprehensible, heinous and outrageous come to mind. They will have to suffice.

Recently, there have been several such attacks, all unprovoked, all in high-crime neighborhoods, and all while police were responding to calls for help in the area. Think about that for a minute. Here come the police trying to help a citizen, trying to thwart a crime, and they get doused. Also, in at least one case an officer was hit in the head by a bucket, which could have caused serious injury.

In NYC many observers are blaming the mayor and other far left politicians in his administration who have created and nurtured a culture of permissive criminal behavior and anti-law and order. Mayor De Blasio and others in his administration have been very outspoken critics of the police. The officers are concerned that De Blasio would not support them if they responded and/or arrested any of these vigilantes. Moreover, with cell phones recording the attacks no one wanted to see themselves on U-tube starring in a selectively edited version of the attack. They don’t want to be brought up on charges, be suspended, fired, or, perhaps, sued, so they walk away. How humiliating!

Some random comments:

1. PBA President Patrick Lynch opined: “Our anti-cop lawmakers have gotten their wish; the NYPD is now frozen…. It’s the end result of the torrent of bad policies and anti-police rhetoric that has been streaming out of City Hall and Albany for years now.

2. NYPD Chief Terence Monahan described the attacks as “reprehensible.”

3. The “Times” quoted one police supervisor as wondering what’s next. “Today it’s buckets of water, next time it’s buckets of cement.” It could happen if the perps get tired of using water and want to escalate their bad behavior, test the boundaries.

4. “Brothers Before Others,” a pro-law enforcement organization, distributed a scathing press release in which it said, in part, that the officers by not responding, “were only protecting their livelihoods. Their expectation was that De Blasio would have “condemned [their] judgment” as would have most of the local media. Furthermore, it castigated the NYC command structure, particularly Commissioner James O’Neill who it called “at best, a puppet [for the politicians who run the city].” It also blamed the media which, it said, has exhibited an anti-police bias on many occasions.

5. The Fox News commentators I watched were, to a person, shocked and dismayed at what they termed a “total lack of respect for the police and for authority, in general.”


I hope we can all agree that this situation is extremely disturbing. As I said, I don’t have words to describe it adequately. In my opinion, this behavior is a natural escalation of the attitude of many on the left toward the police and authority, in general, which has been aided, abetted and defended by liberal politicians and media outlets. For example, remember the “hands up, don’t shoot” mantra that, ultimately was found to have been built on a false narrative? Or, perhaps, you recall the marches of protesters chanting “pigs in a blanket; fry ’em like bacon,” which were defended by various liberal media outlets who did not view them as inflammatory, like many of us did. If the authorities don’t take prompt action against the perpetrators participating in this “game,” there will be escalations and probably real violence.

What’s next? Consider this preview. Recently a thug named Justin Murrell, was in the process of stealing a car when he was interrupted by police officer Dalsh Veve. They struggled, and Murrell ended up driving away in the car and dragging Veve for several blocks. Veve suffered severe brain damage, requires constant care and will likely never walk or speak full sentences again. What happened to Murrell? He was sentenced to 16 months to four years in prison. He will likely serve a fraction of that. Nice!

Most of the perps I saw on the news were black. If you doubt me, follow the advice of the late Werner Wolf and “go to the videotape.” Where are Reverend Al and Jesse and all the other blowhard minority leaders? Why haven’t any of them condemned these actions? How about the Dem presidential candidates, especially Booker and Harris? We all know the answer. The same place they always are when the perps are minorities – nowhere to be found.



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