They call themselves “the Squad,” but I think a more apt name would be “The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse.” For those of you who don’t get the reference check the Bible, which identifies them as “Conquest,” “War,” Pestilence,” and “Death.” This version is “OAC,” “Omar,” “Pressley” and “Tlaib.”

For purposes of this blog I don’t think it would be productive to get bogged down in the appropriateness or lack thereof of President Trump’s recent tweets to the “Four Horsewomen” (“4-H”). We could debate that until “cows come home.” Trump haters are critical of them; Trump supporters see nothing wrong with them, or, perhaps even agree with them. To me, the relevant part of this is the anti-American words, actions, beliefs and attitude of the 4-H.

The 4-H have only been in Congress for a few months, yet during that time they have promulgated a long list of prejudicial, racist and inane statements and actions. On an almost daily basis, one or more of them has come up with something that makes you shake your head. What’s more, they have been aided and abetted by a media that has repeatedly demonstrated its largely ultraliberal bias. Below please find a list of the highlights (or lowlights):

1. They have called Mr. Trump a “racist” and a “Nazi.” This is wrong on so many levels. Firstly, to call anyone a Nazi minimizes the Holocaust, which was horrendous and inhumane beyond belief. Anyone with a smidgeon of historical knowledge and compassion for their fellow man would know that and would refrain from calling anyone that name. Also, as soon as someone calls another person those names all sensible discourse ceases, and nothing gets settled. Secondly, most everyone realizes President Trump is neither a racist nor a Nazi. For example, former presidential candidate and cabinet member Ben Carson categorically denies that he is. He doesn’t just criticize “protected” classes of people. He criticizes anyone and everyone whom he feels deserves it. He is an “equal opportunity critic.” He has a Jewish son-in-law, for God’s sake. Moreover, many of his policies have done more to help women, AAs and Hispanics than those of any other president in my lifetime, if not ever. For example, we are now enjoying record low unemployment among, women, AAs and Hispanics. Moreover, he was a staunch advocate of prison reform. The 4-Hers have even called Nancy Pelosi, their Party’s leader, a racist.

2. They have labeled ICE and CBP agents racists and Nazis. Apparently, they are unaware that many of these agents are women, AAs, Hispanics, and, perhaps, even Jewish. Also, they are just doing their job, enforcing laws that have been passed by past Congresses, signed by past presidents and upheld by the Supreme Court. Again, the 4-H are showing their ignorance.

3. Omar has repeatedly referred to the heinous “9/11” attacks as “some people did something,” rather than identifying the perpetrators as Muslim terrorists and condemning their actions.

4. They refuse to acknowledge Mr. Trump as the duly elected president, calling him the “occupant of the White House.” This is a disrespectful slap in the face to all Americans and the system that elected him.

5. They have objected to illegals being put in “cages,” yet they have refused to vote for more funding to improve the conditions. AOC even had the gall to claim people were drinking water out of toilets, which was a gross and inflammatory lie.

6. They have made many bigoted statements with respect to both Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and Jewish supposed undue influence on the US government (“It’s all about the ‘Benjamins.’ “) They are allied with and supported by the likes of Louis Farrakhan, possibly the biggest bigot of them all.

7. They support ANTIFA, which is nothing more than a bunch of violent thugs. Just a few days ago one of them firebombed an ICE facility. Was the maniacal perpetrator influenced by CNN and the 4-H? Well, CNN has long been a defender of and apologist for ANTIFA, and the perp did have a manifesto of OAC’s policies in his possession.

8. They have advocated the ridiculous Green New Deal, which would tear down our institutions, put tens of millions out of work, and bankrupt the country in the process. OAC claimed that “experts” have predicted the world will end in 12 years and called the battle over climate change “our WWII.” Dumb and dumber.

9. They support those who disrespect our flag, like Colin Kaepernick.

I have just about had enough of the excessive pc that has been taking over our country. Caucasians and GOPers are not allowed to criticize or disagree with anyone who is Black, Hispanic, Muslim, female, gay, transgender, or a Dem. (Did I leave anyone out?) If they do, they are immediately labeled as a bigot, a racist or a Nazi.” On the other hand, any member of those groups is free to criticize them. The effect of this is to cut off all discourse of the issues. What we end up with is divisiveness and violence.

I believe President Trump’s tweets, though sometimes somewhat crude in tone, are consistent with how a majority of Americans feel. For example, take the current case. Presently, patriotism is at a high point. People, like the 4-H, who criticize and disrespect our anthem, flag, military, law enforcement personnel, and/or our system of government, who don’t offer constructive criticism, won’t tolerate even minor dissent, and want to tear it all down are not going to be very popular.

The last few days President Trump clarified his tweet somewhat. He said they can “say and do what they want. They can leave or stay, [but they] “should love our country.” Furthermore, he stated he had copies of their most vicious, vile comments concerning the above-listed items. Most of us who have been paying attention are familiar with them.

Moreover, a majority of Americans are fed up with the fake news media outlets, like CNN and MSNBC, that support them, exaggerate their influence and popularity, and seek to foment controversy and violence. According to “The Hill” CNN and MSNBC have used the word “racist” some 1,100 times in covering this story from Sunday through Monday. 1,100 times! In just two days! Enough said.

In fact, I consider the aforementioned to be opinion outlets, not legitimate news organizations. They don’t separate commentary and opinion from real news. Recently, a CNN contributor was actually, admiring certain ANTIFA weapons and also soliciting contributions for them from viewers on the air. Disgusting. Anyone who gets all of their “news” from them is being grossly misled and seriously misinformed.

In my opinion, the House’s condemnation of President Trump and possible impeachment will go nowhere. The former is an empty gesture as most people agree with the substance of what he said and know he is not a racist; history tells us the latter will fail and only serve to boost Mr. Trump’s standing among the electorate.

President Trump is being criticized for “elevating” the 4-H by his tweets. Perhaps, but he also has brilliantly succeeded in maneuvering the entire Dem Party, including the 2020 candidates, to defend the highly unpopular 4-H even though most of them probably don’t agree with their policies. This is in addition to other unpopular policies, such as Socialism, open borders, illegal immigration and MS-13. It may not have been his intention, but there it is.

Douglas Perry, writing in the “Oregonian” reported that Nancy Pelosi has been trying to denigrate the 4-Hers’ influence. She said “they’re four people, and that’s how many votes they’ve got.” But, it’s not working. “Axios” has disclosed the results of an internal Dem Party poll among swing voters in which OAC was identified as the “definitional face” of the Dem Party. Another Dem Party poll of 1,000 likely voters in midwestern swing states disclosed OAC’s approval rating to be a mere 22%. The other 4-Hers had lower approval ratings.


How can the Dems win the White House by being tied to these people and the policies they espouse? The answer is, they likely won’t. Stay tuned.


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