It’s been a while since my last quiz. Some of you have been asking for one, so here it is. Be careful what you wish for. As always, no peeking at the internet and no referencing “Alexa.” Good luck.

1. In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt ran for president as a third-party candidate. What was the name of this party? (a) Rough Riders, (b) Whig, (c) Bull Moose, (d) Green.

2. Who was the first president to actually reside in the White House? (a) George Washington, (b) John Adams, (c) Thomas Jefferson, (d) James Madison.

3. Which President won with the highest number of electoral votes? (a) Ronald Reagan, (b) FDR, (c) Dwight Eisenhower, (d) Richard Nixon

4. Which president ran under the slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler too?” (a) U S Grant, (b) Franklyn Pierce, (c) James Polk, (d) William Henry Harrison

5. Following his election Harry Truman was photographed holding aloft a newspaper that had “reported” Dewey had defeated him, perhaps, one of the most embarrassing newspaper headlines in history. What was the name of the newspaper? (a) NY Times, (b) Pittsburgh Gazette, (c) Detroit Free Press, (d) Chicago Daily Tribune

6. Who was the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms? (a) Millard Fillmore, (b) Grover Cleveland, (c) Theodore Roosevelt, (d) Samuel Tilden

7. Who was the first president to be elected as a Republican? (a) Zachary Taylor, (b) Benjamin Harrison, (c) Abraham Lincoln, (d) William Henry Harrison

8. Who was the first president to have been born as an American citizen (as opposed to a British subject)? (a) James K. Polk, (b) Andrew Jackson, (c) Zachary Taylor, (d) Martin Van Buren

9. Which president ran under the slogan “a chicken in every pot, and a car in every garage.” (a) FDR, (b) Woodrow Wilson, (c) Dwight Eisenhower, (d) Herbert Hoover.

10. FDR was elected to four terms. How many different VPs served under him? (a) 1, (b) 2, (c) 3, (d) 4

11. Four presidents were members of the Whig Party, including each of the following, EXCEPT: (a) William McKinley, (b) John Tyler, (c) Millard Fillmore, (d) William Henry Harrison.

12. Five presidents have been elected despite having lost the popular vote. This includes each of the following, EXCEPT: (a) John Quincy Adams, (b) Benjamin Harrison, (c) John Kennedy, (d) Rutherford B. Hayes.

13. Who was known for the slogan, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” (a) Teddy Roosevelt, (b) Dwight Eisenhower, (c) James Monroe, (d) Andrew Jackson.

14. Who was the only person to serve as both president and vice president without having been elected to either office? (a) James Madison, (b) Gerald Ford, (c) Warren Harding, (d) John Tyler.

15. Which president was elected with the highest percentage of available electoral votes? (a) John Adams, (b) John Quincy Adams, (c) Lyndon Johnson, (d) FDR.

16. Which state is the birthplace of the highest number of presidents? (a) NY, (b) California, (c) Ohio, (d) Virginia.

ANSWERS: 1. (c); 2. (b); 3. (a) (525); 4. (d); 5; (d), 6.(b); 7. (c); 8. (d); 9. (d); 10. (c) (John Nance Garner, Henry Wallace and Harry Truman); 11. (a)
12. (c); 13. (a); 14.(b); 15. (d) (98.5%); 16. (d)(8).

Let me know how you did.


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