As long-time readers know, this has long been a featured topic.

According to Wikipedia, January 1, New Years Day, is the most celebrated holiday worldwide. Many historically-significant events have occurred on this date as well as on other dates during the month. Please see below:

1/1/1502 – Portuguese explorers, led by Pedro Alvarez Cabral, landed in present-day Brazil. They named the location Rio de Janeiro (River of January).

1/1/1660 – Samuel Pepys commenced his famous diary, which was to become a definitive chronicle of life in late 17th century London. Famous events described in it include The Great Plague of 1664-1666, which wiped out roughly one-fourth of London’s population, and the Great Fire of 1666, which destroyed much of the city.

1/1/1776 – George Washington unveiled the first national flag, aka The Grand Union Flag.

1/1/1863 – President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed the slaves in the Confederacy.

1/1/1892 – Ellis Island opened. Over 20 million immigrants were processed there between 1892 and 1954 when it closed.

1/1/1901 – The British Commonwealth of Australia was founded.

1/1/1959 – Fidel Castro seized control of Cuba.

1/1/1999 – The Euro was born.

1/3/1924 – British Egyptologist, Howard Carter, discovered King Tut’s sarcophagus.

1/3/1959 – Alaska became the 49th state.

1/7/1714 – British inventor, Henry Mill, received a patent for the typewriter.

1/8/1815 – Despite being badly outnumbered, the Americans under the command of General Andrew Jackson defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans, arguably one of the most significant military victories in our history.

1/10/1863 – The world’s first underground railroad, appropriately named the “underground,” opened in London.

1/10/1920 – The League of Nations was born. It failed because the US never joined it.

1/10/1946 – The first meeting of the United Nations was held in London.

1/11/1964 – The US Surgeon General issued a report declaring that cigarettes might be hazardous to one’s health.

1/12/1932 – Hattie Caraway became the first female US senator when she was appointed to complete the term of her deceased husband.

1/15/1870 – The donkey was first used as a symbol of the Democratic Party. It appeared in a cartoon in Harper’s Weekly.

1/19/1966 – Indira Gandhi was elected Prime Minister of India.

1/19/1983 – Klaus Barbie, aka the Butcher of Lyon, was arrested in Bolivia.

1/21/1793 – In the aftermath of the French Revolution King Louis XVI was guillotined.

1/22/1901 – Queen Victoria of England died after having reigned for 64 years, the longest tenure of a monarch up to that time.

1/22/1973 – The Supreme Court decision in Roe v Wade legalized abortion in the US.

1/24/1972 – A Japanese soldier, who had been hiding in Guam for 28 years unaware that WWII had ended, was discovered.

1/27/1945 – The Russian Army liberated Auschwitz.

1/27/1973 – The US involvement in the Vietnam War ended.

1/28/1935 – Iceland became the first country to legalize abortion.

1/28/1986 – The space shuttle, Challenger, exploded killing seven persons, including Christa McAuliffe, a teacher, who was to have been the first ordinary citizen in space.

1/29/1919 – The 18th Amendment, which legalized Prohibition, was ratified.

1/31/1943 – German troops surrendered at Stalingrad, which marked one of the turning points of WWII in Europe.

Birthdays – Paul Revere-1/1/1735; Betsy Ross-1/1/1752; Louis Braille-1/4/1809; Joan of Arc-1/6/1412; Millard Fillmore (13th President)-1/7/1800; Elvis Presley-1/8/1935; Richard Nixon (37th President)-1/9/1913; Alexander Hamilton-1/11/1755; John Hancock-1/12/1737; Benedict Arnold-1/14/1741; Albert Schweitzer-1/14/1875; Martin Luther King-1/15/1939; Andre Michelin (pioneered the use of pneumatic tires) 1/16/1853; Benjamin Franklyn-1/17/1706; Muhammad Ali-1/17/1942; General Robert E. Lee-1/19/1807; Edgar Allen Poe-1/19/1809; Douglas MacArthur-1/26/1880; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-1/27/1756; William McKinley (25th President)-1/29/1843; Franklyn Delano Roosevelt-1/30/1882; Jackie Robinson-1/31/1919.


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