How well do you follow the news? Test your knowledge of current events.

1. Each of the following countries is a member of NATO, EXCEPT: (a) Albania,(b) Belarus, (c) Montenegro, (d) Slovenia.

2. The US Secretary of the Treasury is (a) Jim Mattis, (b) Matthew Whitaker, (c) Mike Pompeo, (d) Steve Mnuchin.

3. The President of France is (a) Francois Hollande, (b) Edouard Philippe, (c) Emmanuel Macron, (d) Charles de Gaulle.

4. The “house liberal” on “The Five” is (a) Juan Williams, (b) Bob Beckel, (c) Chris Matthews, (d) Chris Wallace.

5. President Trump’s Press Secretary is (a) Sarah Sanders, (b) Dana Perino, (c) Anthony Scaramucci, (d) Sean Spicer

6. Each of the following was a candidate for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, EXCEPT (a) Ben Carson, (b) Lindsay Graham, (c) Nikki Haley, (d) Scott Walker

7. Prior to winning the election for vice president Mike Pence was governor of which state? (a) Oregon, (b) Illinois, (c) Indiana, (d) Ohio.

8. Each of the following is an anchor/commentator at CNN, EXCEPT: (a) Christiane Amanpour, Wolf Blitzer, (c) Erin Burnett, (d) Brett Baier

9. The US Secretary of State is (a) Ryan Zinke, (b) Steve Mnuchin, (c) Mike Pompeo, (d) Ben Carson

10. Each of the following is generally considered to be a “blue state,” EXCEPT: (a) South Carolina, (b) Washington, (c) Oregon, (d) California

11. The migrant caravan is “stuck” in which city? (a) Mexico City, (b) El Paso, (c) Tijuana, (d) San Diego.

12. According to Wikipedia each of the following is a “sanctuary state,” EXCEPT (a) California, (b) Illinois, (c) NY, (d) Vermont

13. The Prime Minister of Canada is (a) Justin Trudeau, (b) Stephen Harper, (c) Pierre Trudeau, (d) Paul Martin

14. The majority whip in the House of Representatives is (a) Nancy Pelosi, (b) Steve Scalise, (c) Steny Hoyer, (d) Chuck Schumer

15. The Premier of Israel is (a) Ariel Sharon, (b) Ehud Olmert, (c) Abba Eban, (d) Benjamin Netanyahu

16. Which country has voted to leave the EU? (a) UK, (b) Italy, (c) Denmark, (d) Spain

17. The migrant caravanners have mostly come from each of the following countries, EXCEPT: (a) Guatemala, (b) El Salvador, (c) Honduras, (d) Mexico.

18. The President of Syria is (a) Hafez al-Assad, (b) Hassan Rouhane, (c) Bashar al-Assad, (d) Eshaq Jahangiri

19. How many representatives are there in the US House of Representatives? (a) 100, (b) 50, (c) 548, (d) 435

20. What is the name of the rule used by the US Senate to end debate and force a vote on a bill? (a) stymie, (b) stalemate, (c) filibuster, (d) cloture

ANSWERS: (1) b; (2) d; (3) c; (4) a; (5) a; (6) c; (7) c; (8) d; (9) c; (10) a; (11) c; (12) c; (13) a; (14) b; (15) d; (16) a; (17) d; (18)c; (19) d; (20) d.

Well, how did you do? I’d like to know.



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