All right. Enough bad news already. Time for a change of pace to lighten the mood. Did someone say, quiz?

By now, you all know the rules. No peeking at the internet. No consulting with “Alexa” or her friends. Good luck.

1. The longest river in the world is: (a) the Nile, (b) the Yangtse, (c) the Amazon, (d) the Mississippi.

2. Mt. Rushmore is located in which state? (a) North Dakota, (b) South Dakota, (c) Montana, (d) Wisconsin

3. The southern-most state in the US is (a) Alaska, (b) Florida, (c) Texas, (d) Hawaii.

4. There are 49 landlocked countries around the world (a surprisingly high number), including all off the following, EXCEPT (a) Bolivia, (b) Paraguay, (c) Serbia, (d) Croatia.

5. Pikes Peak is located in which state? (a)Colorado, (b) Kansas, (c) Arizona, (d) Nebraska.

6. Brazil has borders with ten countries, including all of the following except: (a) Bolivia, (b) Peru, (c) Ecuador, (d) Guyana

7. The Rhine River runs through each of the following countries, EXCEPT: (a)Switzerland, (b) Italy, (c) Lichtenstein, (d) France.

8. The capital of Delaware is (a) Wilmington, (b) Milford, (c) New Castle, (d) Dover.

9. Yellowstone National Park is located PRIMARILY in (a) Wyoming, (b) Idaho, (c) Colorado, (d) California.

10. The world’s seven continents include all of the following, EXCEPT: (a) North America, (b) South America, (c) Central America, (d) Australia

11. Japan consists of some 6,000 islands, but only four main ones. The most northern of the four is (a) Honshu, (b) Hokkaido, (c) Kyushu, (d) Shikkou

12. Each of the following is one of the Baltic States, EXCEPT: (a) Latvia, (b) Finland, (c) Estonia, (d) Lithuania

13. The highest mountain peak in the US is located in (a) Washington, (b) Idaho, (c) Colorado, (d) Alaska.

14. The capital of Wisconsin is (a) Milwaukee, (b) Madison, (c) La Crosse, (d) Racine.

15. Central America consists of seven countries, including all of the following, EXCEPT (a) Mexico, (b) Costa Rica, (c) Panama, (d) Belize.

16. The Four Corners borders each of the following states, EXCEPT: (a) Arizona, (b) Colorado, (c) Nevada, (d) Utah.

17. Russia, borders the most countries, eleven, including each of the following, EXCEPT: (a) Poland, (b) Finland, (c) Latvia, (d) Turkey.

18. The 49th parallel forms the primary border between which two countries: (a) North and South Korea, (b) China and Russia, (c) US and Mexico, (d) US and Canada?

19. The Appalachian Trail passes through 14 states, including each of the following, EXCEPT: (a) Georgia, (b) North Carolina, (c) South Carolina, (d) New York.

20. The region called Indochina includes each of the following countries, EXCEPT: (a) Thailand, (b) Vietnam, (c) Laos, (d) Formosa.

ANSWERS: 1.(c); 2.(b); 3.(d); 4.(d); 5. a); 6.(c); 7.(b); 8.(d); 9.(a); 10. (c); 11.(b); 12.(b); 13.(d); 14.(b); 15.(a); 16.(c); 17.(d); 18.(d); 19.(c); 20.(d)

Well, there you have it. How did you do?


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