Some of you have requested another quiz, so here it is. Be careful what you wish for. See if you can identify the person described in the question.

As always, I tried to make it challenging but not too hard. Have fun.  You know the drill; no peeking at the internet, and don’t ask Alexa.

  1. I was a famous tv personality during the 1950s. I hosted my own show, and it was very popular. Earlier in my career I was a sports and entertainment reporter and a syndicated columnist. (a) Arthur Godfrey, (b) Ed Sullivan, (c) Jackie Gleason, (d) Milton Berle.
  2. I am a well-known rapper. My real name is Trevor Taheim Smith, Jr. (a) Busta Rhymes, (b) Jay Z, (c) Lil Wayne, (d) LL Cool J
  3. My real name is Terry Jean Bollette. (a) Hulk Hogan, (b) Rock Hudson, (c) Spencer Tracy, (d) Robert Mitchum
  4. I am a famous best-selling author. My real name is Theodore Geisel. (a) J. K. Rowling, (b) Thomasino Gomez, (c) Stephen King, (d) Dr. Seuss
  5. I am the only one in this group that was NOT Australian-born. (a) Eric Bana, (b) Chris Hemsworth, (c) Rachel McAdams, (d) Hugh Jackman
  6. I was a famous actor. I was in many Westerns. My real name was Marion Mitchell Morrison. (a) Randolph Scott, (b) John Wayne, (c) Ronald Reagan, (d) James Arness
  7. I won the 2017 Emmy for best actress in a drama series. (a) Viola Davis, (b) Robin Wright, (c) Elizabeth Moss, (d) Claire Fog
  8. I was a 15th century explorer/cartographer. America was named after me. (a) Columbus, (b) de Gama, (c) Magellan, (d) Vespucci
  9. I am the only American male athlete to win gold medals in three separate winter Olympics.  I am known as the “Flying Tomato.”  (a) Red Gerard, (b) Johnny Weir, (c) Alex Ferreira, (d) Shaun White
  10. My real name is Alphonso d’ Abruzzo. (a) Alan Alda, (b) Spencer Tracy, (c) Anthony Quinn, (d) Cary Grant
  11. I was the only US President to serve two non-consecutive terms. (a) Benjamin Harrison, (b) James K. Polk, (c) Grover Cleveland, (d) Rutherford B. Hayes
  12. I was the longest-serving Prime Minister of Canada. (a) MacKenzie King, (b) Pierre Trudeau, (c) John MacDonald, (d) Lester Pearson
  13. I hosted a kiddie tv show for 30 years. My real name was Bob Keeshan. Can you name my show? (a) Howdy Doody, (b) Mr. Rogers, (c) Captain Kangaroo, (d) Johnny Jellybean
  14. I was the only person to serve as both President and Vice President of the US without having been elected to either office. (a) Millard Fillmore, (b) James Garfield, (c) Gerald Ford, (d) Henry Wallace
  15. I served the shortest term of any US President. (a) John Tyler, (b) Harry Truman, (c)William Henry Harrison, (d) Franklyn Pierce

ANSWERS: 1. (b), 2. (a), 3. (a), 4. (d), 5 (c), 6. (b), 7. (c), 8. (d) (Amerigo Vespucci), 9. (d), 10. (a), 11. (c), 12. (a)(21 years), 13. (c), 14. (c), 15. (c)

Well, there you have it. Let me know how you did.


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