I have received many requests for another quiz.  With all the bad news in the world at the present time, I agree that a fun quiz would provide a welcome change of pace.  So, here it is.  As always, no peeking at the internet.

  1. The most western state in the US is (a)  Hawaii, (b) California, (c) Washington, (d) Alaska.
  2. According to Wikipedia the longest river in the world is (a) the Amazon, (b) the Nile, (c) the Mississippi, (d) the Yellow.
  3. The highest mountain peak in the US is (a) Mt. Whitney, (b) the Denali, (c) Pike’s Peak, (d) Mt. Rainier.
  4. The easternmost state in the US is (a) Maine, (b) Florida, (c) Alaska, (d) New York.
  5. The country with the SECOND-MOST area is (a) China, (b) India, (c) Brazil, (d) Canada.
  6. Which of the following cities is NOT the capital of the state in which it is located? (a) New Orleans, (b) Montgomery, (c) Boise, (d) Pierre
  7. Each of the following countries is located in the continent of Africa, EXCEPT (a) Egypt, (b) Israel, (c) Eritrea, (d) Burundi
  8. Which of the following states is NOT one of the so-called “Four Corners?” (a) Utah, (b) Colorado, (c) New Mexico, (d) Oklahoma.
  9. Which of the following countries has THREE capital cities?  (a) Honduras, (b) Tanzania, (c) South Africa, (d) Sri Lanka
  10. Which country has the largest population?  (a) China, (b) India, (c) Russia, (d) Indonesia.
  11. The Continental Divide (aka Great Divide) runs through each of the following states, EXCEPT: (a) Colorado, (b) Washington, (c) Alaska, (d) Montana.
  12. Each of these countries shares a border with only one other country, EXCEPT: (a) Portugal, (b) Denmark, (c) Indonesia, (d) Qatar
  13. The US and Canada share the longest border of any two countries – 5,525 miles.  Which of the following states does NOT border Canada? (a) Ohio, (b) Massachusetts, (c) Vermont, (d) Pennsylvania
  14. Which of the following countries is NOT located in Central America? (a) Cuba, (b) Belize, (c) Costa Rica, (d) Mexico.
  15. The southern-most state in the US is (a) Florida, (b) Hawaii, (c) Mississippi, (d) Alabama

ANSWERS:  1. (d),  2. (a) (4,345 miles),  3. (b) (20,310 feet), 4. (c),  5. (d), 6. (a), 7. (b), 8. (d), 9.  (c)  (Pretoria, Cape Town & Bloemfontein, 10. (a) (1.4 billion out of 7.4 billion), 11. (b), 12. (c), 13. (b), 14. (d), 15. (b)

Well, how did you do?  Let me know.




One thought on “GEOGRAPHY QUIZ

  1. Hi Larry, interesting reading. I got a kick out of geography quiz; you learn something every day! Nice piece on the Raging Bull!

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