Below please find another in the series of fun quizzes.  By now, you know the drill.  Enjoy.  [Marv, the first question is for you.  Don’t “blow” it.]

1. I was born in Austria.  During WWII I was a spy for the Allies against the Nazis.  Later, I became a famous American actress.

a.  Ingrid Bergman; b. Greta Garbo; c. Hedy Lamarr; d. Zsa Zsa Gabor

2.  I was one of the Founding Fathers and later became President of the US.  I was one of three presidents who died on July 4th.

a.  James Monroe; b.  George Washington; c.  John Quincy Adams; d.  James Madison

3.  I was the only person to serve as both President and Vice President without having been elected to either office.

a.  Harry Truman; b.  Benjamin Harrison; c.  Millard Fillmore;  d.  Gerald Ford

4.  I am a famous rapper.  I was born in LA.  My given name is O’Shea Jackson.

a. “Fitty” Cent; b.  Jay Z; c.  Dr. Dre; d.  Ice Cube

5.  I am a Canadian-born actor and comedian.  I got my big break on Saturday Nite Live.

a.  Dan Akroyd;  b. John Belushi; c. Chevy Chase; d.  Eddie Murphy

6.  I was one of eight Presidents who died in office. I only served 31 days, which was the shortest term of any president.

a.  James A. Garfield;  b.  Gerald Ford; c.  William Henry Harrison; d.  Zachary Taylor

7.   I am an actress born in Canada.  My most notable movies were Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers, and Spotlight, for which I received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

a.  Melissa Sue Anderson;  b. Lindsay Lohan; c.  Samantha McLeod;  d. Rachel McAdams

8.  I was born Alicia Christian XXXXXX.  I was a child model.  My acting debut was in Mayberry RFD.  I rose to fame in the movie, Taxi Driver.  I have won two Oscars.

a.  Alicia Silverstone;  b.  Jodie Foster; c.  Tori Spelling; d . Kyra Sedgwick

9.  I was born in Italy.  I was an explorer, navigator and cartographer.  America is named for me.

a.  di Gama;  b.  di Americana; c. Vespucci;  d.  Columbus

10.  I am the easternmost state in the US.

a. Maine;  b. Alaska; c. Rhode Island; d. Florida

11.  I am NOT one of the provinces of Canada.

a.  Quebec;  b. Nunavut;  c. Alberta;  d. Toronto

12.  I was a star of the largest grossing movie ever, adjusted for inflation.

a.  Vivien Leigh;  b.  Julie Andrews;  c.  Harrison Ford;  d.  Leo Di Caprio

13.  I was the star of the prime time live action tv show that played for the most episodes.

a.  Roy Rogers; b.  Mariska Hargitay; c.  James Arness;  d.  Gene Autry

14.  I served two terms as Prime Minister of Israel.

a.  Menachem Begin; b.  Ehud Barak; c.  Moshe Sharett;  d.  Shimon Peres

15.  I am the least populated US state.

a.  Wyoming;   b.  Alaska;  c.  Rhode Island;  d.  Montana

16.  I was the last of 48 contiguous states to be admitted to the union.

a.  New Mexico;  b.  Arizona;  c.  Alaska;  d.  Colorado

17.  I am a well-known singer, songwriter and record producer.  I rose to fame with Visions of Love.  My other “hits” include Without You and We Belong Together.

a.  Gwen Stefani; b.  Courtney Love; c.  Mariah Carey;  d. Beyonce

18.  I was born in Canada.  I was a former Playboy Playmate of the Month.  I starred in Baywatch.

a.  Cybill Shepherd;  b.  Roberta Quinn; c.  Pamela Anderson; d.  Ashley Bell

19.  I am the only non-Nordic country on the below list.

a.  Latvia; b.  Sweden;  c.  Iceland;  d.  Denmark

20.  I am the longest reigning British monarch.

a.  Elizabeth I; b.  Victoria; c.  Henry VIII; d. Elizabeth II

Answers:  1. (c);  2. (a);  3. (d); 4. (d); 5. (a); 6. (c); 7. (d);  8. (b);  9. (c);  10. (b) (also westernmost and northernmost); 11. (d);  12. (a); 13. (c);  14. (d);  15. (a); 16. (b); 17. (c);  18. (c); 19.(a); 20. (d)


Well, I tried to be fair.  Also, I sprinkled in some Canadian, British and Israeli questions for my followers in those countries.

How did you do?













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