The following is intended to be a “fun” blog that tests your knowledge of various topics from pop culture to American history.  See if you can identify the person described.  I tried to find a middle ground where you will be tested but not frustrated.  I hope I succeeded.

  1.  My real name was William, but I was known by my nickname.  I was a straight man in one of the most famous comedy teams ever.  I performed in vaudeville, on the radio, on tv and in the  movies.  My most famous comedy skit was about baseball.
  2. I had the shortest tenure of any US President.  I was the last president to have been born a British subject.  I was the grandfather of another president.  I was a renowned Indian fighter.  My most famous victory came at the Tippecanoe River.
  3. I was a versatile performer of tv, stage and film.  I could sing, dance and act.  My biggest roles on the stage were in Chicago and 42nd Street.  I appeared in numerous films, such as Dirty Dancing.  I played a police detective on a long-running tv series.
  4. My given name is Robyn Fenty, but I am known by my middle name.  I was born in Barbados.  I have won eight Grammy Awards and have sold over 230 million records worldwide.  My first big album was Music of the Sun.  I have dated many celebrities, one of which was MLB star Matt Kemp.
  5. My real name is James Todd Smith, but everyone calls me by my famous nickname.  I have achieved notoriety as rapper, actor on tv and in the movies.  In one of my movie roles I jumped out of an airplane.  Currently, I am starring in an action show based in LA.
  6. I was a comedian with a very distinctive style.  I appeared in movies with both Clark Gable and Clint Eastwood.  I was a staple on tv variety and late night talk shows and had my own tv show for a few years.
  7. My real name was Lawrence, but everybody knew me by my famous nickname.  I was born in St. Louis.  I played in the major leagues for many years and was considered one of the best ever at my position.  After I retired I coached and managed teams in both the National and American Leagues.
  8. I was one of the founding fathers.  I was a wealthy merchant and statesman from Boston.  I was President of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
  9. I am a radio personality best known as the host of American Top 40.  On tv I hosted a popular reality tv show for many years.  I am a talk show co-host on a popular daytime tv talk show.
  10. I am the only person to have served as both US president and vice president without having been elected to either office.  Although I was often portrayed as being clumsy, I was actually an accomplished athlete in my youth.

ANSWERS:  1) Bud Abbott (Abbott and Costello).  2) William Henry Harrison (campaign slogan – “Tippecanoe and Tyler too”).  3) Jerome Bernard “Jerry” Orbach.  4)  Rihanna. 5)  LL Cool J.  6) Don Rickles. 7)  Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra. 8)  John Hancock.  9) Ryan Seacrest. 10)  Gerald Ford.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.  Please let me know how you did.



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