The Games are nearly over.  It’s time to test your Olympic knowledge.  Some of you may have had little or no interest in them.  Fair enough.  But, if you have been following the proceedings and reading my previous Olympics blogs, this quiz should not be difficult.

  1.  The first Olympic Games contested in the Southern Hemisphere were held in:   a.  Rio, b) Melbourne, c) Sydney, d) Cape Town

2.  Which Olympiad is this?  a) 29, b) 30, c) 31, d) 32

3.  The 2020 Games will be contested in:  a) Chicago, b) Tokyo, c) Paris, d) London

4.  Summer Olympics have been held in each of the following cities, EXCEPT: a) Chicago, b) St. Louis, c) Atlanta, d) LA.

5.  Name the only country to have won at least one gold medal in every Summer Olympics. a) US, b) Greece, c) Russia, d) Great Britain

6.  The first “modern” Olympic Games were  contested in Athens in:  a) 1892, b) 1896, c) 1900, d) 1916

7.  The only city to have hosted three Summer Olympics is:  a)  Athens, b)  Paris, c) London, d) LA

8.  Usain Bolt is from:  a)  Brazil, b)  Jamaica, c)  Cuba, d)  US

9.  Michael Phelps has won medals in how many Olympiads?  a)  two, b) three, c)  four, d)  five

10.  Each of the following sports has been contested in every Summer Olympics Games, EXCEPT:  a)  cycling,  b)  fencing,  c)   swimming,  d) track

ANSWERS:  1. b,  2. c,  3. b,  4.  a,  5. d,  6. b,  7.  c,  8.  b,  9.  c,  10. d

Good luck!  As always, no peeking at the internet.  Let me know how you did.



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