My darling and devoted wife claims I have very limited knowledge of pop culture.  Perhaps, but let’s test your knowledge.  You know the drill: no peeking at the internet.  Good luck

  1. Each of the following has hosted the Academy Awards, EXCEPT:

(a)  Anne Hathaway;  (b) Paul Hogan; (c) Jay Leno; (d) Jon Stewart

2.  Shonda Rhimes created each of the following tv shows, EXCEPT:

(a) “Grey’s Anatomy;” (b) “Scandal;” (c) “The Catch;” (d) “Chicago Medical”

3.   Which famous entertainer was born in Steubenville, Ohio?

(a)  Dean Martin;  (b)  Bing Crosby; (c) Jack Benny; (d) Liberace

4.  All of the below were “American Idol” judges, EXCEPT:

(a) Steven Tyler; (b) Kara DioGuardi; (c) Simon Cowell; (d) Smokey Robinson

5.  Name the original host of the tv game show, “Jeopardy.”

(a)  Don Pardo; (b) Art Fleming; (c) Pat Sajak; (d) Bill Cullen

6.  Each of the following was a member of the Marx Brothers, EXCEPT:

(a)  Gummo; (b) Bammo; (c)  Chico; (d) Harpo

7.  Which child actor debuted in the tv show “Little House on the Prairie?”

(a)  Ed Furlong; (b) Richard Thomas; (c) Jerry Mathers; (d) Jason Bateman

8.  In the famous Abbott and Costello comedy routine “Who’s on First,” the name of the second baseman is:

(a)  What; (b) When; (c) Tomorrow; (d) I don’t know.

9.  Each of the following entertainers was born on Long Island, EXCEPT:

(a)  Jerry Seinfeld; (b) William Baldwin; (c) Mariah Carey; (d) Andre Levins

10.  Who was Marion Mitchell Morrison?

(a)  James Cagney; (b) Jimmy Stewart; (c) John Wayne; (d) Clark Gabel

11.  According to Nielsen, the top rated tv show for the week of March 28, 2016 was

(a)  “NCIS”; (b) “60 Minutes;” (c) “Empire;” (d) “Big Bang Theory”

12.  Each of the below is a member of the 2016 “Saturday Nite Live” cast, EXCEPT:

(a)  Pamela Tola; (b) Numa Lahtinen; (c) Melissa McCarthy; (d) Andre Wickstrom

13.   Fox news host Bill O”Reilly was raised in

(a)  Levittown, NY; (b)  Boston, MA; (c) New York City; (d) Pittsburgh, PA

14.   Taylor Swift won her first Grammy in:

(a) 2008; (b) 2009; (c) 2010; (d) 2011

15.    Who played “Rhoda Morgenstern” on the “Mary Tyler Show?”

(a)  Valerie Harper; (b) Betty White; (c) Chloris Leachman; (d) Rose Marie

16.  Alfred Hitchcock directed each of the below movies, EXCEPT:

(a) “Psycho;” (b) “Marnie;” (c) “The Birds;” (d) “The House of Wax”

17.   Which Kardashian is married to former NBA player, Lamar Odom?

(a) Kloe; (b) Kim; (c) Kourtney; (d) Kendall

18.     “The Dancing with the Stars” season 1 winner was

(a)  Emmitt Smith; (b) Jennifer Grey; (c) Kelly Monaco; (d) Shawn Johnson

19.  Which of the below actors played “Danno” on the original “Hawaii 50” tv series?

(a)  Al Harrington; (b) Buddy Epsen; (c) Larry Manetti; (d) James MacArthur

20.  Which of the below actors played “Newman” on “Seinfeld?”

(a) Wayne Knight; (b) Jerry  Stiller; (c) Brad Garrett (d) Ben Stein

ANSWERS: (1)  c;  (2)  d; (3) a; (4) d; (5)  b; (6) b; (7) d; (8) a; (9) a; (10)  c;  (11) d;  (12) c; (13) a; (14) c; (15) a: (16) d; (17) a; (18) c; (19) d; (20) a.


Well, there you have it.  Hopefully, it’s not too easy and not too hard.  Let me know how you did.


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