Independence Day

Saturday, July 4th, we celebrate our independence.  Consequently, I thought it might be an appropriate time to test your knowledge of the holiday with a quiz. No peeking at the internet.

1.  The primary author of the Declaration of Independence was

a.  George Washington
b.  Henry Lee
c.  Benjamin Franklyn
d.  Thomas Jefferson

2.  The oldest continuous Independence Day celebration is in what city?

a.  Bristol, RI
b.  New York, NY
c.  Waterbury, CT
d.  Philadelphia, PA

3.  The origin of the song, “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” was

a.  American troops during the Revolutionary War
b.  French troops during the RW
c.  British military before the RW
d.  Hessians at the battle of Trenton, NJ

4.  The movie, “Independence Day” starred

a.  Tom Cruise
b.  Will Smith
c.  Morgan Freeman
d.  Daniel Day-Lewis

5.  The first person to sign the Declaration of Independence (and the only one to do so on July 4) was

a.  Thomas Jefferson
b.  Patrick Henry
c   Benjamin Franklyn
d.  John Hancock

6.  Each of the following was a member of the Committee of Five (assigned to draft the Declaration), except:

a.  George Washington
b.  Roger Sherman
c.  John Adams
d.  Benjamin Franklyn

7.  Which President was born on the 4th of July?

a.  John Adams
b.  Grover Cleveland
c.  Calvin Coolidge
d.  James Polk

8.  Each of the following Presidents died on July 4th, except:

a.  John Adams
b.  Thomas Jefferson
c.  James Monroe
d.  James Madison

9.  The “Liberty Bell” was cast in:

a.  France
b.  England
c.  Germany
d.  Russia

10.  The “Star Spangled banner” was written by Francis Scott Key during which war?

a.  French and Indian War
b.  American Revolution
c.  Civil War
d.  War of 1812

11.  The origin of the nick-name “Uncle Sam” is purportedly:

a.  The Continental Congress
b.  The Sons of Liberty
c.  Meat packer who supplied meat to the US Army
d.  British troops during the RW

12. Who, along with John Adams, is responsible for designating the bald eagle as the US’s National Bird?

a.  George Washington
b.  Thomas Jefferson
c.  Benjamin Franklyn
d.  Patrick Henry

13.  Which state was the last of the “lower 48” to join the Union?

a.  New Mexico
b.  Oregon
c.  Hawaii
d.  Arizona

14.  How many persons signed the Declaration of Independence?

a.  13
b.  26
c.  40
d.  56

15.  Each of the following celebrities was born on July 4th, except:

a.  Mike (the “Situation”) Sorrentino
b.  Neil Simon
c.  Colin Powell
d.  George Steinbrenner

16. Purportedly, the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest was first held in

a.  1876
b.  1930
c.  1945
d.  1916

17.  Who was one of only two signers of the Declaration of Independence to be elected President?

a.  John Adams
b.  Andrew Jackson
c.  Alexander Hamilton
d.  Aaron Burr

18. Although July 4 is recognized as Independence Day, the Continental Congress approved a “resolution of independence” on this date.

a. June 15
b. July 1
c. July 2
d. July 3

19. Washington, DC became the capital in

a.  1776
b.  1800
c.  1820
d.  1920

20.  The 14th state of the union was:

a.  Maine
b.  Georgia
c.  Florida
d.  Vermont

ANSWERS:  1. (d); 2. (a); 3. (c); 4. (b); 5. (d); 6. (a); 7. (c); 8. (d); 9. (b); 10. (d); 11. (c); 12. (b); 13. (d); 14. (d); 15. (c); 16. (d); 17. (a); 18. (c); 19. (b); 20. (d)


Well, how did you do?  I’d like to know.


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