Many of you have commented that you have enjoyed my previous quizzes and requested additional ones. Below please find a Thanksgiving Quiz. Good luck, and, as always, no peeking at the internet.

1. Which President established Thanksgiving as a formal, annual holiday?

a. Washington
b. Lincoln
c. Teddy Roosevelt
d. FDR

2. What day did he designate?

a. Last Thursday of November
b. Last day of November
c. 4th Thursday of November
d. First day of December

3. Which President changed the holiday to its present day?

a. Eisenhower
b. Teddy Roosevelt
c. JFK
d. FDR

4. When was the first Thanksgiving celebration?

a. 1607
b. 1620
c. 1621
d. 1776

5. According to AAA approximately how many Americans will be traveling 50 miles or more away from home to celebrate the holiday?

a. 10 million
b. 27 million
c. 42 million
d. 55 million

6. When was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?

a. 1905
b. 1920
c. 1924
d. 1946

7. What character has appeared in this parade the most times?

a. Snoopy
b. Mickey Mouse
c. Porky Pig
d. Sponge Bob

8. When was the first Thanksgiving Day NFL game?

a. 1921
b. 1934
c. 1940
d. 1960

9. What teams played in that game?

a. Giants-Dallas
b. Packers- Steelers
c. Packers-Lions
d. Lions-Bears

10. Which state produces the most turkeys?

a. Minnesota
b. California
c. Iowa
d. New Jersey

11. Which state was the first to adopt Thanksgiving as an official holiday in 1817?

a. Massachusetts
b. Delaware
c. Virginia
d. New York

12. Approximately what percentage of Americans eat turkey of Thanksgiving?

a. 50%
b. 75%
c. 90%
d. 80%

13. When was the last time Thanksgiving and Chanukkah overlapped?

a. 1753
b. 1888
c. 1905
d. 1899

14. Approximately how many years until the next overlap?

a. 50
b. 1,200
c. 79,000
d. Never

15. Which of the following is not a hybrid term currently in use with respect to the overlapping holiday?

a. Menurkies
b. Turkels
c. Thanksgivukkah
d. Chanukkahgiving

16. When is Canada’s Thanksgiving holiday?

a. Same as the US’s
b. Last day in September
c. Last Thursday in October
d. Second Monday in October

17. When was the first one?

a. 1578
b. 1625
c. 1650
d. 1855

18. When was it declared a national holiday?

a. 1797
b. 1825
c. 1879
d. 1955

ANSWERS: (1) b., (2) a, (3) d., (4) c., (5) c., (6) c., (7) a., (8) b., (9) d., (10) a., (11) d., (12) c., (13) b., (14) c, (15) d, (16) d, (17) a, (18) c


This is a difficult one. Anyone getting more than half right is a Thanksgiving scholar. Three or less, the Thanksgiving police say “no turkey for you.”


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