Americans’ fascination with British royalty is perplexing to me. It seems that many people cannot get enough of it. We put their lives under a microscope, like rock stars, elite athletes or movie stars. The birth of a new heir was particularly interesting to many people and served as a nice diversion from the world’s problems.

America was founded on the principle that “we are all created equal.” It says so in the Declaration of Independence. Yet, many of us are in awe of people who have done nothing to deserve it other than being born in the right bed. Anyway, I accept that I am outvoted. So, below please find my “Royalty Quiz.” All you royalty watchers,see how much you really know. No peeking at the internet.

1. The heir’s name is:

a. George Alexander Louis
b. George Michael
c. Charles James
d. Henry James

2. The heir is what number in the line of succession to the throne.

a. 1st
b. 2nd
c. 3rd
d. 4th

3. Identify the royal family’s “house.”

a. House of Stuart
b. Royal House
c. House of Elizabeth
d. House of Windsor

4. Which monarch had the longest reign?

a. Elizabeth I
b. Elizabeth II
c. Henry VIII
d. Victoria

5. Who was king during the Revolutionary War?

a. George II
b. George III
c. Edward V
d. Edward VII

6. Who was the king depicted in the “Robin Hood?”

a. Richard I
b. James I
c. Edward I
d. John II

7. Who became king following the Battle of Hastings (1066)?

a. James I
b. George I
c. William I
d. Henry IV

8. Who was king immediately before the current monarch.

a. Henry I
b. Henry II
c. George VI
d. Edward VIII

9. Who is the current monarch?

a. Elizabeth I
b. Elizabeth II
c. Elizabeth III
d. Elizabeth IV

10. Who was the only king to abdicate the throne?

a. James II
b. William III
c. Henry VI
d. Edward VIII

11. Why did he do so?

a. He had a bad speech impediment.
b. He wanted to marry a “commoner.”
c. He was very ill.
d. He wanted to become a professional rugby player.

12. Which monarch had the shortest reign (7 months, 7 days)?

a. Edmund II
b. James III
c. Anne I
d. Richard II

13. Who was the king depicted in the movie “Braveheart?

a. Richard I
b. Edward I
c. William I
d. Henry I

14. Where did Kate and William meet?

a. College
b. A pub
c. Blind date
d. Dating service

15. Who was famous for his 6 wives?

a. James III
b. George IV
c. George V
d. Henry VIII

Answers: (1) a; (2) c; (3) d; (4) d; (5) b; (6) a; (7) c; (8) c; (9) b; (10) d; (11) b; (12) a; (13) b; (14) a; (15) d

Remember: No peeking! Don’t be reticent about posting your score. I would be interested in the results. Ten right is a good score. Less than five right and you may not be smarter than a 5th grader.


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