Test your knowledge of the individual states with the below quiz.

1. Which state was the first to join the union?

a. Pennsylvania
b. Virginia
c. Delaware
d. Maryland

2. Which of the original 13 colonies was the last state to join the union?

a. New York
b. Rhode Island
c. South Carolina
d. Pennsylvania

3. Which was the first state of the Union that was not one of the original 13 colonies?

a. Maine
b. Florida
c. Ohio
d. Vermont

4. Which was the last of the “Lower 48” to join the union?

a. Arizona
b. Washington
c. Maine
d. New Mexico

5. Which state was admitted along with Missouri as part of the “Missouri Compromise?”

a. Kansas
b. Nebraska
c. Kentucky
d. Maine

6. What is the capital of New Mexico?

a. Santa Fe
b. Albuquerque
c. Tucson
d. Prescott

7. Which is the “Keystone State?”

a. Louisiana
b. Pennsylvania
c. Virginia
d. Maine

8. Which is the “Pelican State?”

a. Louisiana
b. South Carolina
c. North Carolina
d. Alabama

9. Which is the “Palmetto State?”

a. Kentucky
b. Virginia
c. Maine
d. South Carolina

10. Which state in the “Lower 48” has the coldest average temperature year-round?

a. Minnesota
b. Maine
c. North Dakota
d. Wisconsin

11. What location has the highest average temperature year-round?

a. Death Valley, CA
b. Marathon, FL
c. Key West, FL
d. Waikiki Beach, HA

12. George W. Bush was born in what state?

a. Texas
b. Connecticut
c. Massachusetts
d. Oklahoma

13. Which state has the largest area?

a. Montana
b. California
c. Wyoming
d. Alaska

14. Which state has the smallest area?

a. Vermont
b. New Hampshire
c. Rhode Island
d. Iowa

15. Which state is the least populated?

a. Alaska
b. Rhode Island
c. Montana
d. Wyoming

16. Which was the first state to secede from the Union during the Civil War?

a. Florida
b. South Carolina
c. Georgia
d. Alabama

17. Which of the four below choices has the most population?

a. New York
b. Florida
c. New Jersey
d. Texas

18. In which state were the most Presidents born?

a. New York
b. Virginia
c. Ohio
d. Pennsylvania

19. Territory of which state was not included in the Louisiana Purchase?

a. Minnesota
b. Arkansas
c. Illinois
d. Texas

20. Which state was not part of the Confederacy?

a. Maryland
b. Arkansas
c. Virginia
d. Texas

Extra Credit:

1. Each of the following states has one representative in the House of Representatives, except:

a. Rhode Island
b. Vermont
c. North Dakota
d. Montana

2. Each of the following presidents was born in New York, except:

a. Theodore Roosevelt
b. Franklyn Roosevelt
c. Millard Fillmore
d. Martin Van Buren

Answers: (1) c; (2) b; (3) d; (4) a; (5) d; (6) a; (7) b; (8) a; (9) d; (10) c; (11) b; (12) b; (13) d; (14) c; (15) d; (16) b; (17) d; (18) b; (19) c; (20) a; EC (1) a; (2) b


I am interested in everyone’s score. Let me know. Over 50% correct is pretty good. Less than five correct and you may not be smarter than a 5th grader. Be honest. No looking up answers.


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