I’m mad as hell , and so should you be!  There is nothing worse than lying.  That is what we learn as children, and what we, as parents, in turn, pass on to our own children.  “Whatever you have done wrong, just tell us and we will talk about it, but don’t lie to us. ” Apparently, President Obama and his key advisors in the White House and the State Department never learned that lesson.  They have been withholding critical information from the Amercian people regarding the Libya attack for six weeks.  Enough already!

Generally, Americans are very forgiving.  There are many examples of prominent persons, athletes, entertainers and politicians, who made a mistake, admitted it, took their lumps in the news, paid their penalty and moved on.  On the other side of the coin, we have the lesson of Watergate, where the cover-up proved to be worse than the original crime.  In that instance, it brought down Richard Nixon’s Presidency.

For the most part, the mainstream press is complicit in that they have not been pursuing the matter aggressively.  For example, during the most recent debate Bob Schieffer neglected to delve into the matter sufficiently, and in a recent one-on-one interview Brian Williams asked the President a series of softball questions, but nothing substantive about the Libya attack.

Now, it has come out that during the actual terrorist attack our people made several calls for assistance.  The military had a SEAL Team 2 hours away by air.  The 4-star general in charge of them has said they were not ordered to assist.  They could have been there in plenty of time.  The CIA had a team in the area headed up by Tyrone Woods.  They were told to stand down, but Woods disobeyed orders and went to their aid anyway.  His team rescued 30 people, but he was killed (7 hours later).  Seven hours was plenty of time for us to take some kind of action.

The foregoing is bad enough, but the Administration has compounded it by deceiving the American public after the fact.  Some of the questions that Mr. Obama needs to answer forthwith:  When did they know it was a terrorist attack?  Who directed Susan Rice, Jay Carney and others to blame it on the video and why?  Why did Mr. Obama go to Las Vegas the next day to hob nob with celebrities and donors rather than meet with world leaders in NY at the UN and confront the matter head-on?

Charles Woods, Tyrone’s father, is finally speaking out now.  He said he met with both Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton.  They “couldn’t look [him] in the eye.”  They gave an “insincere” apology, and shaking hands with Mr. Obama was like shaking hands with a “dead fish.”  Wonder who he’s voting for?

Conclusion and Prediction

I know the primary issue in this election is the economy and rightly so.  But, this has become about more than four dead Americans in a Libyan consulate, as tragic as that is.  It has become an issue of trust, competence and leadership.  Can we really trust a President who has withheld the truth and continues to do so with four more years?  Is he demonstrating the competence and leadership we need and deserve in a President?

The answer should be obvious, and in an election that is a virtual dead heat, anything can make the difference.  This incident is not going away, and it could very well swing the election.



  1. Larry,

    This is a well-written article, as usual, and I am glad to see the new feature for Conclusion and Prediction that we discussed. It has inspired me to comment. We share our anger at the lying. Not only did O and company not provide adequate responsiveness from prior warnings and request for more security BEFORE; then ignored pleadings of our brave soldiers while our Ambassador and heroes died DURING the 7 hour attack; but then have lied and covered up AFTER. This is far worse than Watergate, which was a cover up for a third-rate political burglary since 4 people actually died here, yet O called it a “bump in the road”. While the economy is the number one issue for most, national security has always been more important for me. There is probably at least a small group of Americans who share my views and will cause them for this reason alone to vote against O. This group may be part of the outraged “military family” or others who remember history of a weak America emboldening our enemies or even the disastrous accommodation philosophy of pre-war Europe in the 1930s. In any event, as you note, this is predicted as a close election and anything can swing the election. I feel the Libya disaster and deception will have a far bigger impact than most people think. Consider the sympathetic military forces in Virginia, with its navy installations (sound familiar Larry) and even Colorado with the Air Force academy. The problem is that only FOX news has carried this story fully. It may take a young Bernstein and Woodward to blast this wide open. Remember what happened to Tricky Dick and he only was guilty of the AFTER; O should be held responsible for the BEFORE, DURING and AFTER.


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